St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent

Uzbekistan is a polyethnic country, where people profess different religions. Besides secular sights and Islamic institutions there are orthodox churches in Uzbekistan. And while travelling around Uzbekistanyou should without fail visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent.

Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky was the patron of soldiers. The veneration of St. Alexander Nevsky Yaroslavovych began after gaining his relics in 1380. The name of the protector is known in the world.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral history

The first brick of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent, that is on Botkin churchyard, was layed and sanctified in 1902, 6th of December.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was engineered during 1903 1904 years thanks to investment of the Military Ministry of Turkestan. The initial contribution for constructional engineering of the temple was made by the main chief of engineers, Vernander the general. The major contribution was made by the commercial adviser Nikolay Ivanovich Ivanov. The wooden gilded iconostasis of exquisite work was carried out by adviser's means.

The erecting of Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was implemented by F.V. Smirnov, the engineer and Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Burmeyster, the architecture. The consecration of St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church in Tashkent was held in 1905, 8th of May. The rite was accomplished by the archpriest Konstantin Bogorodickiy.

The number of church attenders on weekdays is 20 30 people, and on high days and holidays about 150 200 people visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The dean of the temple is archpriest Nikolay Ryabchinskiy.

Over many years St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral stood the earthquake of 1966 and the fire that split the building crosswise. But the church did not tumble down and was restored. Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral inside is adorned with wall paintings with the portrayal of saints' images, angels and archangels, as well as numerous icons in gilded frames.

At present St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral's view doesn't differ from the original, only the facade was painted with blue and white colors, re-tiled with marble.

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