Siab bazaar

Siab bazaar
Siab bazaar
Siab bazaar

The oldest market of Samarkand

If Registan Square is a heart of Samarkand, where tourists usually begin a journey through the city, the market is considered a barometer of life of the citizens. There is no historic evidence when it was created, but many people say that it exists here from the foundation of the city.

Here, as on the stock exchange, you can learn about the prices of different products, to exchange news, gossips, etc. The market is located a ten minute walk from the Registan.

Although market considered as a place where usually trade fruits and vegetables, but here you can buy everything, all kinds of dried fruit, etc. The artisans sell their products, decomposed into separate rows and beautifully decorated. Near Eastern sweets sold tortillas, which is famous Samarkand.

It is not only a bazaar , here is a bank, a circus, and art gallery and shop poets, scholars and club meetings - all these you will find in the oldest market of Samarkand.

Pyramids of melons and watermelons, bags of nuts, raisins and dried apricots, grapes, apples and pears scented on the shelves next to the leathery fruits pomegranates – all these attract every visitor of Samarkand.

And, of course, here is a number of bakeries that offer a choice of seventeen species of golden Samarkand bread. In Samarkand lives a family of hereditary masters - natives of the village of Gal - Osio. It is believed that only baked in special ovens, ceramic tandoor can be prepared national bread that serves as a great souvenir of Samarkand, because over time it loses not only appetizing appearance, but also its taste qualities.

In the air there is a smell of spices - pepper and saffron, cardamom and nutmeg, cumin and caraway that give a unique atmosphere of oriental bazaar. A number of stalls occupied a special local delicacy - roasted in the ashes salted apricot pits. You may feel the atmosphere of Orient having visited Uzbekistan cities.

Here you can relax, play a game of chess or backgammon. But that's not all. Medieval bazaar replaced public radio television and newspaper - here you will find everything you need.

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