Registan square in Bukhara

Registan square in Bukhara
Registan square in Bukhara

In Bukhara, to the west of the Arch, the Registan Square, once an ebullient public forum of the city, was formed in pre-Arab times. In the old days before Ark there was a large lowland, at the bottom of which people gathered. They began to carry sand and fill up the lowland, then they destroyed the lake and formed an area. Hence is the name Registan Square (“reg” means “sand”).

Until the XIII century the Registan square of Bukhara was occupied by the administrative buildings of the divans (ministries) and the palaces of the nobility, later it was filled with bazaar buildings. At the entrance to the Registan from the XVI century there were trading rows of Rasta - and Taqi Tirgaron, where gunsmiths' products were sold. In the center of the square there were the passages of Taki Ord Furushon where hats and cotton fabrics were sold. Here was the trade in grain, meat, haberdashery, tea, paper and ink, cradles for newborns, cattle, watermelons, melons, wooden utensils and other goods.

Before the Arch executions were performed. Perhaps another legend emerged from here. It says that the name of Bukhara Registan square comes from the functional purpose of this place. For many years, there have been massive public executions, accompanied by large amounts of blood. The sand covering this area was supposed to absorb all the blood of the victims.

At the entrance to the Arch there were an arsenal, gun workshops, the reception of the chief commander, and a big mosque of Poyand, quarter mosques, madrasahs, butchers' shops - Bozori Gusfand and Dorul shifo - madrasah, where future doctors were trained.

The only surviving monument on the Registan Square of Bukhara is the Bolo House complex. The complex consists of a reservoir, a Friday mosque and a minaret. They say that Emir Shahmurad (1785-1800) built a mosque for public prayers, because he liked to be closer to his people. The Bolo-House reservoir is one of the few preserved in Bukhara. The picturesque Mosque Bolo-House with a luxurious multicolumn aivan facing the Registan is reflected in the waters of the reservoir.

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