Mukimi museum in Kokand

Mukimi museum in Kokand
Mukimi museum in Kokand
Mukimi museum in Kokand
Mukimi museum in Kokand

One writer once said that in Kokand even babies in the crib are crying in rhyme. Local residents have been always distinguished by the particular thirst for knowledge, gift of words and the high culture of speech. Kokand has long been famous as a heart of education and writing. Khuvaydo, Nadira, Uvaysi worked here. Later this place became the cradle of a new wave of writers - Mukimi, Furkat and others. There are not many cities where you can see several literary museums. But Kokand has three literary museums. And Mukimi Museum is one of these.

Mukimi museum history

The building of Mukimi museum in Kokand existed in ancient times, and oddly enough came to us. The people of Uzbekistan very carefully treat the attractions, store them, and offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy them.

Hujras Mukimi museum is housed in the madrassah Mien Khazrat - an architectural monument of late XVIII century. Mien Akhad was a native of Peshawar (Pakistan). Once he arrived in Kokand and remained here. He prominent thanks to his knowledge of theology, he deserved respect of people. Having inherited from Pakistan, he erected the madrassah, which got his name.

For many years the eminent poet Aminkhuja Mukimi, whose works have been admired today, had been teaching and living in this madrassah.

Mukimi museum’s exposure

The exposition of Mukimi museum consisting of three parts tells about Mukimi’s life and work. The parts are Mukimi’s hujra, creativity of Mukimi and literary environment of Kokand of the second half of the XIX century.

The museum exhibition includes not only items related to creativity of Mukimi, but also items relevant to the local poetry of that time.

The museum exhibition is open for all guests and travelers of Kokand who is planning to visit Mukimi museum.

The madrassah, where Mukimi museum is located, is a complex of three courtyards. The main entrance to the madrassah is singled out with the domical darvozakhana (carved gate with a canopy). In the southern part of the court there is a multicolumn mosque. Nearby a small minaret remained. East and west courtyards by perimeter are surrounded with hujras (classrooms).

Please, don’t miss an opportunity to book a tour to Uzbekistan and visit Kokand with its remarkable historical sites.

We are sure while being in the museum you will take nice pictures of Mukimi museum, which will remind you about your trip to Uzbekistan.

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