Khumsan. The town of pearl scenery

Khumsan. The town of pearl scenery
Khumsan. The town of pearl scenery
Khumsan. The town of pearl scenery
Khumsan. The town of pearl scenery

Khumsan in Tashkent region

The town of pearl scenery

Khumsan is a mountain village is located in the picturesque valley of the river Ugham on the hillside. The very same settlement is part Bostanlyk district. From Tashkent to it, the path runs at a good level road, a length of 100 kilometers. In this area there are many recreational areas and resorts.

Also, here people are committed to make different from the fake tree or a specific sew patchwork dresses. You will be offered to buy it for a relatively low cost.

The origin of the name

Khumsan village got its name from the river Ugham that is flowing around it, forming the pitcher - in Uzbek "hum" and the word "dignity" mean in the "river."

In the moonlight comes a silvery glow that looks very romantic and mysterious. Therefore, the villagers used to call him Kumysh Khumsan - which means "Silver Jug."

Tourists are loved and appreciated by locals. People come here not only to visit this amazing places, but also to get acquaint with the residents. Here you can relax, sitting either in a local house in the traditional style, where the hosts for a fee to feed and water (about 20 dollars a day per person), or you can stay in a nice hotel. You will find here several hotels and mountain resorts.

Why go here?

Nature at Khumsan is amazing and can bewitch any visitor. The magnificent mountain landscapes give way to no less striking river and steppe. There are many legends that tell the origin of the neighborhood and the people who once lived here. This area will be very attractive to those interested in the traditions, customs and culture of the local people. It remains something original here, only slightly touched by civilization.

Khumsans are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding. Local people take care very diligently their household, usually consisting of a mud-brick house and adjacent courtyard with a garden or an extension for breeding cattle. All products that are grown in this area are characterized by their utility and goodies.

Here travel opportunities do not end with a simple contemplation of natural beauty and lying on the river beach. You can enjoy horseback riding, which are organized by local residents. This place is also unique because here you will have the possibility of fishing.

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