Intangible heritage of Bukhara

Intangible heritage of Bukhara
Intangible heritage of Bukhara

Ancient Bukhara attracts attention every year, and despite the heat, here come hundreds of tourists who want to look at the ancient center of world culture and amazing historical buildings. For centuries here lived and worked great musicians, dancers, poets, left a bright trace in history.

Bukhara dance, unlike other areas, has a very complex multi-faceted structure. His repertoire is divided into large separate parts, which in Bukhara called "Paita". From the outset, the ability to control the body of dancers required hard work and constant striving for excellence. To earn the title of master in this art and to reach certain heights was pretty easy.

Bukhara dancers were preparing a replacement, teaching all the details and secrets of young dance students. And when they reach a certain level of knowledge and skills, then master them tied belt and gave doira or Zang. From that moment a student can independently engage in the art of dance. In gratitude, the young dancers portrayed the masters of the full set of clothes.

Bukhara dancers outfit consists of the following elements: "Bukhoriy kuylak" - a long, heavy, wide dress, usually white or yellow, on top of which wear long sleeve - "Nimich" embroidered in gold and magnificent national patterns; "Tuff" - decoration of the head; "Kamarband" - belt; two kinds of scarves - "sarandoz" and "Rideau"; two kinds of hats, testified about the marital status of girls - "peshonaband" and "kultachapushak."

Indispensable attribute of Bukhara costume were miniature gold-shoes - "poyafzal" that emphasizes a slim small female legs. Establishment of national costumes is a separate art form, where each pattern, embroidery and the dancers' movements, bears the whole story. Art is passed down from generation to generation. If you want to visit this beautiful place you can book a tour to Uzbekistan from Peopletravel.

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