Chor-Chinor garden near Samarkand

Chor-Chinor garden near Samarkand
Chor-Chinor garden near Samarkand
Chor-Chinor garden near Samarkand

When people talk about Uzbekistan, they often repeat such words as miraculous, inexplicable, mysterious and mystical.

When people talk about Uzbekistan, they often repeat such words as miraculous, inexplicable, mysterious and mystical.

It's time to figure out what is behind these words. Is it the attraction of the attention of tourists, the mystification of simple things, or really, something unusual?

Chor-Chinor plane tree garden - place of peace and tranquility

One of the most amazing and miraculous places in Uzbekistan is located forty kilometers from Samarkand, in the old kishlak Urgut. This is the memorial complex Chor Chinor, four planes, or plane grove of Urgut.

Chor-Chinor garden itself is located behind a large gate, and as soon as you cross this invisible border, you will be pacified. For some reason this place has always been famous as a healer of the soul. And indeed, leaving the cars and the dusty road behind, you enter the garden gate, like in another dimension. And this is not surprising - after all, for centuries this place has been used for prayers and meditations. Therefore, this particular energy was formed, which is literally felt by all the fibers of the soul. Here in the plane-tree garden Chor-Chinor you can forget about your problems, relax and enjoy peace and tranquility. They say that here you can hear the true voice of your soul. Something is so inexplicable in the rustling of the leaves of great trees, in the chirping of birds, the murmuring of a stream, and the rustling of grass that makes your heart a little different, and think about the eternal.

From the first four trees Chor-Chinor grove grew. Plates on huge trees say that trees are 600, 700, 1000, 1100 years old. Near the gate is a huge millennial plane, it is 1162 years old. In the hollow of the tree there is chillyakhona (a place for solitude). The ceiling and walls of this fairly spacious room are the trunk of a huge tree, the entrance is closed by carved doors. Inside there are small benches, covered with pillows and counterpanes. The plane inside looks like a real fairytale house. And at the same time, it is alive and is still growing. Capacity caves about a dozen people. But it is preferable to stay there alone or with loved ones. It is believed that the Sufis retired there to read prayers and lead the conversation. During the hot summer months in the hollow of the plane it is cool and fresh, and in winter it is warm.


There are several legends about the origin of the plane tree grove in Urgut. But, most likely, they were planted by one of the rulers of Urgut during the Arab conquest, just over a thousand years ago.

Plane trees of Urgut were planted near the spring, which has been beating from the ground from times immemorial. If you climb to the highest point of the complex, you can see the source itself, beating out of the ground, around which a small and very picturesque pond was formed. In the place of the water out there is one amazing stone with a hole in the middle. It resembles an old millstone. Not so long ago, a group of geologists and hydro-engineers investigated the underground currents in the area; and the workers pulled out a stone. In the morning the water in the pond dried up, the source disappeared. Under the pressure of the locals, the stone was put back. And the spring again scored. It was inexplicable, and it is still not clear, but there is a stone, there is water. No stone, no water. In fact, this is just an ordinary old millstone, which lies on the ground. It does not carry any additional functions, does not block anything, does not press anything. This phenomenon even has no assumptions.

This stream runs through the entire territory of the Urgut Chor-Chinor garden, forming creeks in which fish swim. For pilgrims this is a place for meditation, wish fulfillment and relief of mental pain.

Legend about Chor-Chinor garden

If we become acquainted with the legends associated with Chor-Chinor garden, one of them says that the founder of the garden was a mighty warrior who stole a magic stone from evil spirits and carried it in the direction of Urgut. Evil spirits staged a hero every obstacle on the way, but the hero carried his burden and never dropped it. When he reached Urgut, four birds sat on the stone. The birds were huge and of extraordinary beauty. Each bird had a plane germ in the beak. The hero threw a stone from his shoulders and fell asleep with a powerful dream. When he woke seven days later, he saw a spring under a stone, and next to him were four sprouts of the plane tree. The hero planted these planes and called the place Chor-Chinor garden. These plane trees survived the centuries, and grew into a beautiful grove.

Architectural and prayer buildings on the territory of Chor-Chinor garden

Among the plane trees in Urgut there is a century-old mosque with interesting architecture. This is a single-dome, incredibly elegant building with wide windows, and which is very strange, without a minaret. Inside it there are several rooms covered with carpets, more like classrooms. This is not surprising, initially this building, the construction of which was completed in 1917, was conceived as a madrasa. The largest hall of the mosque is crowned with a huge dome, lined inside according to all the rules of Samarkand architecture. The architect of the building was Abdukadir from Samarkand. They say, he was nicknamed the Winner, for the fact that he did not make a single mistake in his buildings. And indeed, the architectural solution of this mosque is surprising. One should take a closer look at it. After all, it stands not on a straight ground, but on an inclination, and there is not a single spatial inaccuracy!

In the inner part of the garden Chor-Chinor there are graves of several historical figures, one of which is the famous Ishan Valikhon, the son of Ismoilhoja (1842-1915).

In the outer part of the Chor-Chinor gerden there is a cemetery where the rulers of Urgut were buried.

Thousands of tourists arrive in Samarkand, enjoy its ancient sights, but only a few visit Urgut Chor-Chinor garden. We recommend you to take an advantage of the Uzbek tours and make a visit to the Chor-Chinor garden.

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