Histoire de Kokand

Pages of history. At the crossroads of Medieval

Pages of history. At the crossroads of Medieval

Kokand was also the largest trading center on the Silk Road, known for its numerous caravanserais, where merchants stayed on camels laden with goods.

History says that Russian merchants brought utensils and textiles, the traders from India - tea and skin, and silk comes from China. Trade was carried out on the covered bazaars. Despite the relentless scorching sun, shopping arcade with overlaps protect merchants from the heat.

For lovers of carpets this city has always had a special significance. Kokand carpets made of camel wool, decorated with patterns, and are highly valued in Europe. Here there is a great choice of them.

Narrow streets lead past old houses to the mausoleums, palaces and mosques. It is impossible to get lost, because all roads lead to the grand old city wall, where you can go to the starting point of his journey - to one of the two main gates of pearl of the East.

You can discover the ancient city during one of the bewitching tours that offer your guide to the oriental tale Peopletravel.

The city of Uzbekistan is known worldwide for the unique art of wood carving. Kokand craftsmen are trying to keep the old traditions of hand craft and pass them to the young generation. Boys learn the secrets of making majolica with floral and geometric patterns, wood carving.

Until now, are examples of high art doors, made Kokand masters dating back to XVI century, when the city reached its peak and shogird - students recreate this beauty in their work.

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