Tours à Khiva

We know that the time of tourists visiting our country is painted by the minute. Nevertheless, each of them, coming to our country, tries to visit the historical places of our homeland and get acquainted with our culture. The city of Khiva is not an exception.

Our cognitive and exciting tours to the city of Khiva will help you in this issue.

Tours in Khiva is a visit to an ancient fairy-tale city, ideally preserved and practically unchanged for many centuries. During the tour to Khiva you will plunge into the atmosphere of old Khiva, a unique place where the number of attractions per square meter goes beyond the limit.


Sacred atmosphere of the majestic spirit

Khiva is located in the western part of the country, on the other side of the largest deserts in Central Asia Kyzil Kum and Kara Kum, in the region of Khorezm.

The city has two distinct parts, Old Fortress or Ichan Kala, surrounded by a great wall of adobe bricks that reaches up to six meters wide in some places. In this part more than three thousand people live, while the population of another part of Khiva Dishan Kala exceeds 40 000 inhabitants.

The city of Khiva is known from written sources from the tenth century AC. But archeological data approximate the date of its appearance until recent centuries. You have an opportunity to discover one of the most favorable places for travelling with Khiva tours.

Travel to Khiva. Feel the Medieval East with our Khiva tours 2018

After the splendid architecture of Samarkand and the edifice of Bukhara, the monumental buildings of Khiva may seem distant and not be so interesting at first. But this impression is wrong, because here you can find great number of small places that keep the eastern spirit of the past centuries bewitching you as the tales of Scheherazade.

In Khiva there are a lot of monuments clustered in small fortified areas, many of which have not been damaged but represent a diverse manifestation of Islamic art.

The evidence of khan dependencies, madrasas and mosques can be found within the walls surrounding the citadel of Ichan Kala in Khiva.

Khiva tours & excursions will introduce you to a city full of oriental charm, where time seemed to stop.

Our company is ready to provide a large list of tours around Uzbekistan, including package tour to Khiva. It can be both short and long-term trips to Khiva. Below you can choose any Khiva city tours you like, or our company will make individual tours to Khiva for you.

Visit Khiva with Peopletravel: our advantages

Licensed tour operator and travel agency in Uzbekistan, Peopletravel offers group and private tours to Khiva. We will help you to buy air tickets, book hotels and / or conference rooms, get transport services, and most importantly - to organize tailor-made tours to Khiva according to your preferences and budget.

Specify your preferences, and experienced tour operators of our company will choose the best route for you so that at the least time and money expenses you get maximum impressions and positive emotions!

Our travel agency strives to provide the highest level of quality of service at an affordable price. Each client request is considered individually, and our tour operators tend to respond to it within shortest time. A professional team of tour operators and travel agents in our company expects your inquiries online and is ready to adapt any of the available tours to your needs. We have been working in the tourist market for quite a long time and have accumulated a great experience in organizing trips and tours around Khiva, which are remembered for a long time. Welcome to Khiva!


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