Tourisme à Shahrisabz

The central Asian town of ancient period, judging from extant ruins, had traversed a long path, developed a strong and unique traditions.

Primary forms of settlements, settlement with residential walls and fortifications, solid buildings, despite their vastness, cannot be called cities. This is just a great home-estate. The city can be named, such as the settlements, where at least two housing estates, that were united under the protection walls around public places of worship. The passage between the houses, neighborhoods, public and religious buildings and fortress gate determine the maze of the city planning.

In the sites were archaic with limit settlement walls, and public buildings were planned, but the inner space bounded by walls, was inert, empty and not organized. This is just a huge corral without planning organization. The only structural sense was in the walls - residential, but their extent was not in any of the planning relationship with the environment of space.


Sightseeing in Shahrisabz. Adorable heritage of Tamerlan

Clavijo demonstrated in his recording the splendor Ak-Saray Palace, which is the pride of Timurid architecture. This was the inscription on one of the portals: If you doubt about our power, look at our buildings. These days, many tourists come to admire the masterpieces of world civilization as architectural ensembles of Ak-Saray-Dorut tillovat, Dorut Saodat, madrassas Kuk Gumbaz Chubin, trading dome Chorsu etc. It is no coincidence that the General Assembly included this city in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For past 20 years there was a large-scale work on the restoration of monuments and improvement of the city.

And the fact that the representatives of the great classics of Khosrow Dehlavi, Mirzo Bedil, Mirzo Golib who have made an invaluable contribution to world culture, belong to the ancient Shahrisabz heritage.

However, the main wealth of this land is generous, courageous people. Medieval tales will cast a spell on every visitor and leave lasting impression of immemorial relics with main sights of Shahrisabz. At all-time the city attracted travelers and tourists from all over the world with masterpieces of architecture that bewitch with improbable appearance described by Scheherazade’s tales.


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