Sitorai mohi hosa. The corner of Eden on the Earth

Sitorai mohi hosa. The corner of Eden on the Earth
Sitorai mohi hosa. The corner of Eden on the Earth
Sitorai mohi hosa. The corner of Eden on the Earth
Sitorai mohi hosa. The corner of Eden on the Earth

The corner of Eden on the Earth

Many people who visit this place call it as fairy Paradise. And it is true, because in this blessed gardens you could see numerous peacocks or the birds of Eden. They are walking about garden paths, dispiritedly staring at their dry thin feet. According to the legends, these birds were excluded from Paradise and as punishment have received extremely horrible voice. This place called Sitorai Mohi Hosa that located in the Pearl of Uzbekistan – Bukhara.

Until now, they are walking about summer palace of Bukhara Emir. And here guides insistently advise every visitor to feed these royal birds, because they aren't even afraid of people. And they accurately take small pieces of bread out of hands.

This is a historical place that was bought out by great ruler Ismail Samani from the Arabian conquerors. And that time referred to beginning of the Samanid Dynasty's governing. However, there were gardens and before Samanids. These flower gardens existed exactly in the place a dozen years ago.

And all love this unique place for unequalled microclimate, between two rivers, which fed the soil and provided freshness to desert air. Not far from the present palace, there are traces of Amir Temur constructions– Eastern rulers of all times loved this corner of the earth.

Here remained until now constructions of Emir Alimkhan, which has been erected on multiple cultural layers and legends. For each period – there is own fairy tale, every Emir has been constructing the gardens of Eden in this place due to his own reasons.

The entrance of this beautiful place was created through front gates with observation turrets. At the beginning, we pass courtyard with guardrooms and craft workshops that were located there.

Nowadays, every visitor could enjoy the national color buying souvenirs in ethnic shops that sell goods of craftsmen, mainly, Bukhara embroidery with eternal symbol - peacock.

Entrance to the garden passes through covered arcade. The Palace stands on water pond shore, from its grand blind wall, and entrance covered with magnificent carved iwan.

The most amazing things of this place located inside the building – all rooms, decorated with gold and silver, bewitch every guest with its unique splendor. Today here was created a museum that keeps national heritage of the national history. If you want to visit this place - welcome to Uzbekistan!

Unique decorations of the rooms, collection of gifts, presented to Emirs of Bukhaha - that is all and even more that attract many people every year as place with unequalled treasure of national inheritance.

Both, tourists and locals love this place. For its microclimate, and extraordinary quietness, this is interrupted only with the scream of peacocks and palpitation of the leaves.

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