International Museum of Peace and Solidarity

International Museum of Peace and Solidarity

Perhaps, one of the most unusual museums in Samarkand is International Museum of Peace and Solidarity. And we can be proud of such extraordinary museum in our country and invite you to make a trip to Uzbekistan.

International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand was established in 1986. It is a unique public organization among CIS countries and Baltic states, propagandizing the ideas of tolerance, mutual understanding and good spirit. The museum is carrying and developing the idea and culture of peace. The activity of Samarkand Museum of Peace and Solidarity, included to the list of Norwegian Nobel Institute, is well known abroad Uzbekistan.

The museum is not a static organization. It is a space where the dialog between cultures, the main bearers of which are people from other countries, is realized. Samarkand Museum of Peace and Solidarity and therefore our Republic are establishing friendship relations between countries by virtue of national means of diplomacy.

Each thing of the museum of Peace and Solidarity is valuable and interesting. There are the objects, forming the basis of museum fund that numbers several thousands of exhibits from various corners of the globe. They are the fragments of burned tile of the root from Nagasaki, capsules with soil from the place of Stalingrad battle, Auschwitz concentration camp, Park of Peace in Hiroshima; fragments of Berlin Wall; parts of American nuclear rockets; pictures of famous French artist Denise Legris, painted with the brush, squeezed in her teeth; and many other displays.

The total quantity of the museum exhibits exceeds 20 thousand.

Among different unique actions of “national diplomacy”, holding by Samarkand International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, the project “Autograph of the world” takes the special place. It is the unique collection of photos, private messages and works with autographs of outstanding people of contemporary. The owners are heads of states, Nobel laureates, famous public figures, stars of variety and television, cosmonauts, sportsmen and many others.

The famous book “No more war!” of Linus Pauling is kept in the museum. Linus Pauling was the legendary American scientist, twice laureate of Nobel Prize.

Mother Teresa wrote “I’m sure that Museum of Peace and Solidarity is a godly cause. The excellent work, undertaken for peace in the whole world, will be efficient”.

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