Durut Tillavat Complex

Durut Tillavat Complex
Durut Tillavat Complex

Shakhrisyabz is one of the most ancient and famous city of Uzbekistan. Greatest complex is located in the center and was built in 14-16 centuries.


Durut Tillavat Complex combines different construction periods and one of the ancient mausoleums called Kul. The man after whom the mausoleum was named, was the mentor of Amir Temur, his name was Shamsiddin Kul. Shamsiddin died in 1370, until he used the reverent attitude and respect for himself. In place of his burial built mausoleum which later became one of the first buildings of the complex.


The complex stands on a platform height of three meters, leads to the entrance ramp, next to whom in the past have been installed, iron and copper fur-bearing.


In 1935 began the construction of Kok-Gumbaz Mosque, which translated means "Blue Dome". The mosque was built not far from the mausoleum Kul, but she was one of the main structures of the memorial. The portal shows that the mosque Ulugbek created in the name of the memory to his father Shahrukh. People were impressed with the size of structures, since one of its domes reaches 46 meters. After 3 years Ulugbek builds over the graves of Seids mausoleum and called it Gumbazi-Seyidan, which translated means "Dome of Seyidov"


Durut Tillavat Complex


At distance of 200 meters to the east you can find another part of this architectural memorial - Dar us-Siadat. As a part of these religious buildings of Amir Timur and Timurid dynasty once formed a single necropolis Shakisabyz.


Thanks to its location the two complexes once formed a single necropolis, which included a cemetery, located around and between them. Mentioned complexes widely known among the population today and are places Ziydrat associated with the cult of the saints. Shakhrisabz medieval necropolis covers an area of about 1-2 hektars. As the cemetery is no longer a function.


It is possible that the cemetery was moved to another part of the city in connection with the redevelopment of the city in the early period of Soviet rule. The area of the cemetery is partially occupied by the population, and the space between the two sets of landscaped and planted with trees.


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