Chirchik. The town with magnificent scenery

Chirchik. The town with magnificent scenery
Chirchik. The town with magnificent scenery
Chirchik. The town with magnificent scenery
Chirchik. The town with magnificent scenery

Chirchik in Tashkent region

The town with magnificent scenery

Among the big variety of tours to Uzbekistan Peopletravel offers you to visit Chirchik town. It is located in the north of Uzbekistan's most abounding in the valley of the river of Tashkent region - Chirchik (translated as "dinning", "noisy").

Recently in Chirchik was opened water park that is unparalleled in Uzbekistan. Many rides Chirchik water park are unique in Uzbekistan. For example, a unique dance club under the fountain and pool bar, where you can take a drink without leaving the pool.

Formula of Attractiveness

This town is rich for unique places and monuments. Stella "Cranes" is one of them. It is a monument to the soldiers who fell during World War II. It was opened on May 8, 1972 on the main thoroughfare of the town, on the road from canal Boz-Su. Hood of red marble arched skyward white steles, over which flies a flock of cranes, and below mortally wounded bird stretched out on the stone wings, longingly looking after them.

Trinity monastery is another unique sight of this town that is located on the right bank of the river Chirchik, 30 kilometers from Tashkent. The village of Trinity is a village of contrasts. With detuned mansions here border the old and dilapidated huts.

People are different; too, despite the fact that the Troitsk is a spiritual center, here is the most marginal of the inhabitants of the town.

Perhaps for this reason, many young people refuse to live in peace and come here at Holy Trinity Monastery of St. George. It was opened in 1996, but its history dates back to the nineteenth century.

It all began in 1897 with a small temple. It was then a civil engineer Geyntselmano drafted a new church building for the village of Troitsk. In 1898, with the blessing of the Bishop of Turkestan and Tashkent Arcadia was made laying of a new church. It took 98 years, and a small temple turned into a monastery.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that now it is the first and still the only one in the entire Central Asian Diocese monastery.

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