Chadak Weeping rock

Chadak Weeping rock
Chadak Weeping rock
Chadak Weeping rock

Chadak village is located in Pap district of Namangan region and has more than four thousand years of history. A distinctive feature of this region is the large number of springs. It is no accident in ancient times here were military roads that did not allow taking water supplies.

One of the attractions of Chadak is a place of pilgrimage is Weeping rock. This rock formation, which is located at the top of the snowfield, is an underground stream. Breaking the rock, it runs down the rock, thin jets. Rock is overgrown with moss and water plants, water flows like tears.

Legend says that the waterfall is a girl, separated from her lover who turned into a lonely tree growing on top. And hundreds of centuries the couple bemoans their separation. Interesting fact is that the water never freezes all years round. Here people come to make a wish.

From the top of the gorge there is a beautiful view, which is perfect at any time of the year - summer and spring is bright green, and winter and autumn it is shining with golden yellow colors.

In the area of the Chadak village people lived in the Mesolithic period, about 15,000 years ago. Rock carvings and cave paintings testify this fact.

On the west side of the village at the origins Kuruksay river you can see several mountain springs, which connect with the name Valihon, which is always expanding digging ponds, so he mastered the new land, planted trees. Planted them once turned into poplar trees are huge, they still call Chuhterak.

Before 1950 here grew close to a huge mulberry juicy berries considered as medicinal and saved people in times of famine. Old people still remember their childhood, when they came here to eat berries. There is also a spring Shohtut rolls his hallmark became overgrown rue (“isrik”), it is called the valley of rue "isrik vodiysi."

In the northwest you can also find a whole system of springs: water in the winter is warm and it comes from the steam in the summer - ice and different unique taste. In particular, Kuzya buns, Pirmirob rolls and other surrounded by several gardens.

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