Caravan Serai Nougat

Caravan Serai Nougat
Caravan Serai Nougat

Bewitching place in Bukhara

In the oldest part of Bukhara is located a unique architectural monument that refers to the sixteen century Caravanserai nougat. It is situated in a busy location near the House Bukhara merchant. Passing by the monuments of the Middle Ages anyone cannot fail to notice majestically historic place for guests who arrived in Bukhara from distant parts of the world.

Caravanserai built during Mukhammad-khan’s authority and even now it bewitches every visitor and guest of Bukhara with unique decoration and ceilings that devoted to demonstrate the national art and color of medieval.

His only way out passes through a large gate and despite the fact that this building has one floor, in this caravanserai there are 50 khujras (rooms), not counting khujdras for servants and kitchens.

The part of world inheritance. Caravanserai Nougat

In Middle Ages merchants went on travels alone. They were with a lot of accompanying person. Caravanserai had the opportunity without any obstacles to accommodate such a huge number of guests.

In this place travelers and traders received full board food, as well as shelter. Today, this historic place is listed in the UNESCO Heritage and is taken under state protection as an architectural monument of the XVI century.

According to special national program of preservation of the cultural objects Caravanserai Nougat will be restored for further preservation. Every day it is visited by about a hundred tourists and visitors of Bukhara region.

In caravanserai you will find not only unique architectural outlines of the Middle ages that reflects in paintings, ceilings, decoration and ornamentation, but also the medieval treasure of bewitching jewelry and craft that you can find in small shops where especially popular such souvenirs as suzani and mats. Such places like Caravanserai nougat will make your trip in Uzbekistan very interesting.

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