Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum near Bukhara

Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum near Bukhara
Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum near Bukhara
Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum near Bukhara

In the vicinity of Bukhara there are a lot of cities and villages the age of which has passed for a thousand years. The village of Afshona, which is located a few kilometers from the regional center, is one of the most ancient. In 980, in the family of a tax collector, a boy named Abu Ali ibn-Sina was born. He became a great encyclopedic scholar and became famous in the East and in Western countries, where he is known by the Latinized name Avicenna. Today, the Ibn-Sina Memorial Museum is located in Afshona.

To be more precise, the Ibn-Sina Memorial Museum (Avicena) is located in the village of Afshona, 40 km from Bukhara.

The museum is dedicated to outstanding Abu Ali ibn-Sina. His great scientific heritage is great.

The Ibn-Sina Memorial Museum of Bukhara was opened in 1980 in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the scientist and thinker in his homeland, in the village of Afshona of the Peshkun district. In 2006, the museum was completely renovated, and today it is included in the whole complex, which includes the museum itself, the Peshkun medical college, the information and library center and the student dormitory. In the center of the whole architectural ensemble a monument to Avicena stands.

The exhibits of the Abu Ali Ibn-Sina Museum in Afshona tell about the life and work of the scientist and about his era - the time of the rule of the Samanid dynasty. Here medical instruments made of bronze, ceramics, coins of the Samanid era, elements of everyday life and clothing, paintings, which depict scenes from the life of Ibn-Sina and much more are collected.

In the museum, visitors can get acquainted with the manuscripts of the “Canon of Medicine”, “Books of Knowledge” and “Healing Books”.

The building of Ibn-Sina Bukhara museum is part of the architectural ensemble, which includes the Abu Ali Ibn-Sina Medical College, a conference hall and a sports complex. There is a small garden in front of the building, where healing herbs are planted. Ibn-Sina used them during the treatment. The museum is equipped with a video hall, a tea lounge and a gift shop.

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