Ashkhabad Park in Tashkent

Ashkhabad Park in Tashkent
Ashkhabad Park in Tashkent

A solemn opening of the Ashkhabad Park took place in Tashkent on April 23, 2018.

The park Ashkhabad was opened with the participation of the presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov.

The park is located in the Tashselmash area near the Artel plant.

The park uses the distinctive features of the national architecture of Turkmenistan.

The parku00a0"Ashgabat"u00a0of Tashkent is located on a vast territory of 12 hectares and is divided into two zones - for entertainment and quiet rest, playing sports. In the indoor entertainment pavilion and in the open air there are more than 60 amusement rides and gaming machines. There is also a huge Ferris wheel - the highest in Uzbekistan. The cabins of high comfort are equipped with air conditioning.

In a cozy shady corner, the Otalar Chayhonasi complex (tea-house) is located. Here in winter and summer you can relax with a cup of tea, chat with each other and play chess. There are also shelves with books. The organizers promise that the mini-library will be constantly updated. In cozy cafeteria you can have a snack, taste ice cream and soft drinks. The Ashgabat Park in Tashkent is decorated with original sculptures, thousands of trees and flowers, as well as many fountains. In the park blue spruce, Crimean pines, Indian lilacs, oaks, chestnuts, magnolias, Arizona cypresses, sage are planted.

The heart of the Ashkhabad Park is a fountain with a diameter of about 40 meters. Eight bronze horses were placed on a multi-tier pedestal, surrounded by jets of water. The whole composition is inscribed in the form of an eight-pointed star, which is often used in the architecture of Ashkhabad.

The central fountain is light and musical. Against the background of water splashes you can see three-dimensional laser projections of running Akhal-Teke horses and other images. Horses are the symbols of Turkmenistan; sculptures of these animals adorn different parts of the Ashkhabad Park. At its entrance - a monumental snow-white arch - there is another unusual fountain: young horses run along the water surface of the lake. A similar fountain is in Ashkhabad. Another architectural highlight of the capital of Turkmenistan - the airport in the form of a huge white bird - is also played in the new park. It is repeated in miniature in the form of an amphitheater for 450 seats.

A free Wi-Fi zone is available in the park. Near the entrance the parking lot for hundreds of places with a 20-meter escalator is built.

All guests of the capital can visit this and other parks of Tashkent. You can also use Uzbekistan tours from the agency Peopletravel.

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