Mirzo Ulugbek Park in Tashkent

Mirzo Ulugbek Park in Tashkent
Mirzo Ulugbek Park in Tashkent
Mirzo Ulugbek Park in Tashkent

Mirzo Ulugbek Park is located along the street of Hamidullah Oripov. Mirzo Ulugbek Culture and Recreation Park is perhaps the coziest in Tashkent.

History of Mirzo Ulugbek Park

The park was laid before the revolution by the order of Konstantin von Kaufman, the governor-general of Turkestan.

This is the oldest park in Tashkent, which was opened on June 24, 1934 under bravura marches, compulsory, in those distant times, brass band. From the day of its foundation it was called the Telman Park, and now bears the name of Mirzo Ulugbek.

During the war years, free meals for evacuated children were organized here. After the war, musical evenings were held here, while Mirzo Ulugbeku00a0Parku00a0(Formerlyu00a0Telman park) was an urban "musical drawing room".

The residents, tired of the war, came to the park with pleasure after a hard day's work.

Previously, on the park avenues in the shade of acacias, chestnuts, limes, pines and vinegar trees, a special audience gathered regularly and a special "intellectual atmosphere" reigned here.

In the years of Uzbekistan's independence, Telman Park was renamed into Mirzo Ulugbek Park.

Mirzo Ulugbek park amusements

For 90 years the park has been welcoming guests, and filling with children's laughter and joy.

In Mirzo Ulugbek Park there are many different attractions for both children and youth. But mostly it's, of course, children's attractions, because most of the audience is children.

There are a lot of new attractions, the 5D cinema, a lot of shooting galleries, a zoo corner. The smallest visitors can jump on huge inflatable trampolines and happily dive into the pool with colorful plastic balls. In Mirzo Ulugbek (Telman) Park there is an artificial picturesque lake, along which you can ride a catamaran and a boat.

Mirzo Ulugbek Park of Tashkent is one of the oldest and best entertainment parks in the city. The park of Mirzo Ulugbek is very popular among the local population.

In Mirzo Ulugbek Park, sports grounds are available. They are a football field and tennis tables.

Mirzo Ulugbek Park is good at any time of the year: in spring and summer, autumn and winter. The landscape of the park also allows holding a photo session of any level and scale.

Visit Mirzo Ulugbek amusement Park with the help of Peopletravel tours around Uzbekistan. You will have a good time and you will have something to remember later.u00a0


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