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Contemporary Urgench lies on the territory of Uzbekistan, bordering on Turkmenistan lands.

Urgench is one of the most well-groomed and civilized cities in Uzbekistan, so Khorezm is not only the dead land and ancient ruins shown in the past parts (Toprak-Kala and Ayaz-Kala). This is something more.

Being the administrative center, Urgench cityplays the role of a transport hub.There are railway lines connecting the north and south of Central Asia. The city can boast the international airport, capable to accept aircrafts of any types and daily serving flights from large cities around the world. Finally, Urgench is connected to Khiva by a trolleybus line. You can get from one point to another by car in 30 minutes. If you are eager to travel comfortably, safety and excitingly, you can use one of the proposed Uzbek tours.

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Places to see during Urgench trip

The characteristic of Urgench is that it is a kind of gateway to the city-museum of Khiva. The city of Khiva is a treasury of architectural monuments of Uzbekistan. Neighborhood with the famous open-air museum directly influenced the fate of the city.

The architectural landmark of Urgench itself is a monument to the great mathematician, founder of the algebra Muhammad ibn Muse al-Khwarizmi. The monument was established in 1979.

The small bazaar of Urgench, which attracts buyers with its cheapness and abundance, is very popular with tourists and local people.

These and many other attractions will be visited by you during the exciting tours in Urgench.

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You will find a rich and interesting program of Urgench tours along with Peopletravel.


Tours in Uzbekistan

Tours in Uzbekistan

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