Tashkent Broadway

Tashkent Broadway
Tashkent Broadway
Tashkent Broadway

Tashkent Sayilgokh Street, simply called Broadway or "Brodik" by the people, either from the word "wander", or in honor of that Broadway in New York, is a peculiar landmark of Tashkent, the center of the city. Walk down Broadway in the morning, afternoon and late evening and realize how it different and identical at the same time.

Sayilgokh Street unites 2 most important and gorgeous squares of Tashkent: Amir Temur Square and Mustakillik (Independence) Square. Tashkent Broadway is perhaps the most favorite vacation spot among townspeople. At any time of the year you can see many people here: they are walking young people, students, families with tots, and, of course, tourists. No excursion around Tashkent is possible without visiting the capital's Broadway. It is explained by its opportune location, near such famous sights as Amir Temur monument, the State Museum of Temurids and the famous Tashkent chimes.

Broadway in Tashkent city

After a fascinating sightseeing tour of Tashkent, a walk along Tashkent Broadway is an excellent continuation of the excursion and the opportunity to relax in the fresh air in the shade of perennial trees. By the by, Tashkent Broadway is not only a still place to relax, but also a center of attractive entertainment. Cycling and street artists are the most popular amusements.

Cycling is not well developed in Tashkent as a mode of transport. But evening walks on two-wheeled vehicles are surprisingly very popular in the capital. Bicycle rentals occupy a hefty part of Broadway.

One can order his own portrait from artists. Broadway in Tashkent is a very distinctive place where every gifted person can demonstrate his/her abilities. Someone draws beautifully, someone sings and plays musical instruments, and someone shows tricks. Among holidaymakers you can often meet fans of table games, such as chess or draughts.

In addition to the creative atmosphere Tashkent Broadway can boast a modern cinema, a emporium, shops and cafes, which are also a pleasure to spend your leisure time. Rambling along Tashkent Broadway, be sure to see the rows of paintings and handicrafts, they are real chef-d'oeuvre. Among them, in memory of the trip you can buy some national souvenirs.

Walking through the main street after sunset, you can feel the atmosphere of carelessness. Hundreds of people walk slowly around the main square Mustakillik, Sayilgokh Street, Amir Temur Square, and in the park behind the Tashkent chimes.

Street musicians and dancers along with the townspeople occupy their niche on the street. On Tashkent Broadway, in the nearby underground passages and the square of Amir Timur, you can hear the performances of guitarists, violinists, singers and even entire ensembles. Many of them act not for the sake of modest donations, but for their own pleasure.

Tashkent Broadway

But no matter what Broadway is externally and no matter how it changes its light and color range, for some people it will always be a place of rest and entertainment. For others it will be a place of daily work. All sorts of caskets, badges with any inscriptions, antiques, knitted hats for the most fashionable, foreign prints - in short, everything that is lacking in imagination can be purchased on Broadway.

Tashkent Broadway has always been a beloved parkway of the city and remains it until now. And it seems that there is no more area in Tashkent, so cozy and simple, so talented and colorful, so unique and dear, where both the city dwellers and the visitors of the capital are so nice to be.

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