Rafanek Madrasah

Rafanek Madrasah

This madasah was erected in 1853 in Khiva with the explicit intention to surpass all his predecessors on the throne in the wealth of architectural decoration.

At first glance Rafanek Madrasah is similar to the opposing Ulugbek Madrasah. But it is larger in overall size (50x67 m - external dimensions; yard - 28x35 m).

Studying rooms can be found painted walls in the spirit of Chinese porcelain - blue on white background, depicting architectural landscape, light whimsical arbor of trees, stylized clouds and water flows.

Time has brought to us the names of the authors and this outstanding monument, woven into patterns created by them. This court builder Muhammad Salih, Mime - Haq, son of Muhammad Amin Khoja who made the painting of the mosque, calligrapher Mawlana Muhammad Amin. All these masters are representatives of a peculiar and highly artistic school.

In the mosque there are a few columns that are made in imitation of the ancient columns. On one of them survived the date indicating religious Kufic inscription form Quran that were also installed at the same time with marble slabs, near the mihrab. The restoration of this unique monument was started in 1979 by architect Sanochkin.

For a variety of architectural merit, this madrasah ranked among the few most valuable gems and ancient architecture of Uzbekistan. This architectural structure is remarkable for geometric paneling, computation of burnt bricks, decorating its facade. We recommend visiting this bewitching sightseeing.

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