Khoja Abdi Darun Aini ensemble

Khoja Abdi Darun Aini ensemble

In Samarkand, in the south eastern part is an ancient cemetery there is the Khoja Abdi Darun Aini ensemble. "Darun" has a meaning as "internal", located within the city walls. This comlex refers to X century.

In the base of complex lies tomb, that undergone dramatic changes during the restoration. It has a dome tent erected over the remains of the cult of personality in the Islamic world - Abd-al Mazeddina or Khoja Abdi. He was a leading lawyer, Samarkand judge from Arabian Peninsula, the great-grandson of Caliph Osman St. (the uncle of the Prophet Mukhammad, who wrote the Koran Osman one of the main Muslim relics stored in Tashkent).

Hodge Abdi lived in the IX century, but the first mention of the tomb dedicated to him, appeared only in the XII century, when the mausoleum was built on the mazar worthy of one of the first preachers of Islam in Samarkand Nadir Divan - Begi. Today mausoleum is a complex of buildings of different ages that are grouped around a courtyard with House in the center. On the south there is the basis of the ensemble: a few old crypts, which merge with portal-domed building ziarat-khana of early XV century, decorated with brick mosaic.

Inside the building you can see a wonderful tiled panel with mosaic medallions and mihrab. Above this architectural wonder of those years worked famous masters: Abdukady Hodja, a mason who built khujdras; Sabir Najjar , Saddiq Abduzahid , Abdugani , Ishan -Hasan Khan Taylyaki . In 1908-1909 they decorated the rooms and halls iwan mosque wall paintings , so popular in the days of Timurids and ganch - a constant attribute of all facilities for the nobles.

This is the place you need to visit. Besides, the complex is surrounded by green and the cooling water khauz (pond), it is a perfect shelter from the scorching sun and the sultry air.

Here in the IX century was honorably buried brother Abdi Darun also judge. Today this place is out of town, like hundreds of years ago, in the village Akmechet Samarkand region.

It is noteworthy that Abdi Biruni - one of the largest khazira - complexes of Central Asia. It includes khanaka and burial yard. Hanaka, by tradition, has a portal - dome composition with a central hall and disclosed openings to the outside. Corner foundations provided with ladders and hudjras. It is also used brick mosaic (similar trimmed Dor Mosque) in the facade. A dakhma (ground headstone), marble, located in the courtyard, standing some distance apart and fenced with brick wall. If you want to visit more historical places in Uzbekistan you can choose the tour from Peopletravel Company.

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