Deggaron mosque

Deggaron mosque
Deggaron mosque

Deggaron mosque is one of the oldest mosques located on the territory of Uzbekistan. This mosque is situated 30 kilometers from the city of Navoi near the village of Hazara. The date of mosque construction is considered to be the 11th century.

The monument was built near a small village not far from the Zarafshan River. Residents of the village were engaged in manufacturing of boilers, which were known throughout Mavara. In the 15th century the abandoned area of the village had arisen Deggaron Khazar fortress.

The name of the mosque is associated with the name of one of the representatives of the Sufi Shaykh Hozhagon Maloney Deggaroni. He was born in 1313 and was buried in 1376 in this village. Many consider him as a founder of the Sufi school of Bohauddin Naqshbandy.

Now this historic and architectural complex includes a mosque, museum and chillyahona (place of worship). The mosque itself is a unique architectural structure. During its construction craftsmen used many different techniques and styles.

Some floors, columns and part of the foundation made of brick. The walls were built using mud bricks and pakhsa (a mixture of clay and grass). The building is a four-square with a large dome and small domes with spheroconical forms that are kept on the arches, which in turn are adjacent to the walls and columns.

Arch-bathing structure consists of stalactite sails and brick cornices. Arches with their amazing spotlights decorated with patterns of brick and Gancia. Above the square compartments here were installed small domes that in the interior of the building form a sail.

Mosque Diggaron gained notoriety in science in 1934. Here are the remains of the foundation of the other ancient buildings. It is interesting, that the mosque almost perfectly oriented to the four cardinal points. It is tempting to conjecture that for many years before the construction of the mosque Deggaron at this place was Zoroastrian temple.

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