Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre
Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre
Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

The State Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre that is located in the center of Tashkent is included in the cohort of the best opera houses in the world. There are performances of the world of the classical repertoire, as well as works of national authors.

Needless theater building was built in 1947 and had stood without compromising the strongest earthquake in 1966, belongs to the typical examples of architectural monuments of the mid-twentieth century. Author of the project of the theater is famous architect, Academician Alexei Shchusev, the one who built a mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow.

In 1933, the Soviet government announces a competition to design of the Opera House in Tashkent. The new grand building should take place in the center of Tashkent.

The competition was attended by the best architects of the time. It is not surprising, only now, 80 years later, we can imagine what could be the Navoi Theater, if not to win the project Alexei Shchusev.

If you look at archival photographs of the project of the theater building from 33-year, clearly shows many differences from the existing building.

In the 37th year, the appearance and decor of the building is changing dramatically. Schusev had finalized the project by bringing in a clear oriental architectural motifs, many of which overlap with the architecture of the Palace of Termez in the XI century.

The Opera and Ballet Theatre is deservedly considered as the leading theaters of Uzbekistan, it is a national pride, attractive center of music and theater culture. It has a glorious history, rich in wonderful traditions. This history is a strong foundation of the high culture and craftsmanship that make Opera and Ballet Theatre has won worldwide fame. For over eight decades in the theater accumulated achievements, polished circle means of expression, improved experience, worked out and developed humanistic principles. Theatre absorbed all the wealth of national and world classical heritage and created unique pieces of Uzbek musical and performing arts.

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