Balyand Mosque in Bukhara

Balyand Mosque in Bukhara
Balyand Mosque in Bukhara

The Balyand Mosque is a small mosque that is situated in the western part of Bukhara, in Uzbekistan. The mosque was erected in the rich Bukhara quarter. Today this place is called the Shergyron mahalla.

The Balyand Mosque of Bukhara was built more than five centuries ago. It has a small cubic building. It is noteworthy that the construction is of several centuries, and the design in the modern version was made only in the XIX century.

In the translation the word "baland" means "high", that is, the name of the mosque can be translated as "High Mosque". But it is named so not because it differs from all others in height, but because it has a very high foundation, which appeared due to the characteristics of the ground. This simple, square in plan building is a masterpiece of interior design, which has been used repeatedly as a role model. And the age of the mosque has more than 500 years.

The entrance gates, decorated with paintings, records from the Koran in the form of white and blue with gilding ornaments, which have been meeting the prayers for five centuries every day, hint at the inner gorge of the mosque.

Inside the Balyand Mosque of Bukhara is a gilded ceramic altar, with alphabetic images. The walls are adorned with floral patterns and embellished with hexagonal tiles with gold ornaments. Window grilles, which are also made of ceramic bricks, are also unusual. The walls of the modest aivan (pavilion) are notable for their whiteness, however they have a relief decoration of windows and doors that adds grace. The ceiling of the mosque is also interesting: it is made of plaques decorated with ornaments, as well as small wooden domes.

In the Balyand Mosque in Bukhara the means of the picturesque decoration of the walls are designed with exceptional brilliance. In the region it was believed that this mosque was worthy of imitation.

While having a trip in Uzbekistan, be sure to visit the Balyand Mosque in Bukhara. You will not regret the time spent; on the contrary you will be delighted with what you have seen.

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