Avesta Museum

Avesta Museum

The heritage of Zoroastrian culture

One of the monuments of ancient world is considered to be "Avesta" – an encyclopedia of civilization and cultural values of the peoples of Central Asia.

The monument “Avesta” erected in Urgench in 2005 dedicated to this sacred book of Zoroastrianism. It is an enlarged copy of this ancient book. The contrast of white and red gives the monument scale and hidden meaning.

Red is a fire, which does not burn that also symbolizes the color of blood and our mortal world. And the white color means a ray of light, guiding and giving us a chance to correct. Struggle over this improvised stands design resembling portal. This is a traditional element in the architecture of the Zoroastrians.

Avesta is a historical document that tells also that in this ancient region generally great state and great spirituality. For more than a hundred thousand years the book had been transcribing and translating, and passed from mouth to mouth.

So it is not be surprised how this sacred book of the ancient teachings of Zoroastrianism reached our days and what a huge impact it had on the development of world culture.

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