The madrassa Mir-Arab

The madrassa Mir-Arab
The madrassa Mir-Arab
The madrassa Mir-Arab
The madrassa Mir-Arab

The majestic atmosphere of Medieval

Any tourist who wants to visit Bukhara, the pearl of the East, should definitely to get acquaint with this place. This is a wonderful sightseeing that fascinates with its soulful atmosphere of oriental colors and ornament - madrassa Mir- Arab.

It is located on an area of Kalyan square in Bukhara, and cannot be attributed to the hearsay among the most famous madrassa Islamic world.

The madrassa Mir-Arab was built in 1536 in honor of Sufi Abdullah Mir-Arab, the spiritual mentor of Bukhara Emir Ubaidullah Khan. This building is not only a university, but also a mausoleum for Mir-Arab, where at his feet buried Ubaidullah Khan, according to the custom of the time.

Madrassa Mir-Arab. Enjoy the incredible atmosphere from eastern tale

At the entrance to the complex, you'll find a special ritual pole mounted at the wall of the building. Austere, majestic madrassa with two large domes is a perfect ensemble together with a mosque and a minaret. At sunset, it pours gold, allowing any visitor to enjoy the incredibly beautiful atmosphere that resembles the eastern tale.

Despite the fact that now madrassa aims to provide spiritual education, the institution is open for tourists and amazing life of Muslim University can be seen at any time.

Students do not pay too much attention to the tourists, go about their business. However, visitors behave quietly, staring admiringly internal entrance arches in madrassa.

Here is a grand portal, whose walls are decorated with carved alabaster - the incredible beauty and fine workmanship. You will see see bare arches and sails supporting the dome, which is lined in a rich mosaic of brick, with incredibly precise engineering calculations. It is very expressive architecture of the Middle Ages that involves us to a fairy tale and eastern legends.

Here you will get incredible opportunity to acquaint with the historical monuments of the past, as well as national inheritance of our country that reflected in the bewitching architecture of ancient cities. So you can order one of the tours to Uzbekistan from Peopletravel and visit beautiful places.

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