Baysun. The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes

Baysun. The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes
Baysun. The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes
Baysun. The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes


The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes

If you like to enjoy the mountain scenery - come to Uzbekistan. In the south of Uzbekistan, in the spur of the Hissar range is Baysun - the land with amazing beauty of the landscapes.

This ancient town is just one of the locations on the legendary Silk Road. From here the camel caravans followed on the desert often up to seven days to get to Baysun. Today it is possible to overcome the distance by train in just a few hours.

On the one hand, the town is rich in a variety of retail outlets, enchanting shops and also the big bazaars with the aroma of spices, beautiful fabrics and the most delicious cuisine.

The spirit and the cultural aura of Baysun

Here, on the Silk Road, it was the most important point of intersection of cultures and mutual enrichment of the East and West. The ancestors of this land communicated with merchants, travelers and itinerant scholars, poets and thinkers from various countries over the centuries, cognizing the wisdom and exploring new verges of our life. Discover it with matchless travel to Uzbekistan with your best guide to oriental pearl.

Baysun is a town from oriental tales that bewitch every guest with its own silk production. When you visit this eastern town you can not only enjoy the unique chef-d'oeuvres of silk, but also to get acquaint with local people who will tell you about the life and history of Baysun better than any guide book.

Scenery of the town will leave unforgettable impressions and present moments of tranquility and peace, imbued with the atmosphere of mystery. This nature stores still vivid moments of the past.

Beautiful scenery of the town

A distinctive feature of the appearance of local people is piercing blue eyes that distinguish them from the dark-haired and dark-eyed people of Central Asia. Residents Baysun explain this fact with a smile: This is from our blue skies - because we have 300 cloudless days a year.

In this region, the local people respect the sacred national traditions and customs, singing songs of their ancestors, own crafts, which have long been forgotten.

In 2001, UNESCO included Baisun region among 19 cultural spaces, which was given the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Coming here you will be able to escape from the town and everyday worries.

The amazing and mysterious land Baysun waiting for you!

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