Shakhi Zinda necropolis

Shakhi Zinda necropolis
Shakhi Zinda necropolis
Shakhi Zinda necropolis

The majestic ensemble of the past

Among numerous buildings of Samarkand ensemble Shakhi Zinda attracts special attention, it is located in the ancient town Afrasiab. Shakhi Zinda can be translated from Persian language as " The Living King".

Until nowadays this complex reached our time with bewitchin beaty of Medieval. It is consisting of 11 mausoleums that dated the XIV-XV centuries and the remains of more ancient structures dated back to IX-X.

Every visitor can be attracted by the inimitable sky-blue domes of buildings stretched as thin graceful chain. The Shakhi Zinda complex begins with a stone staircase, which is like a magical bridge, transporting a person from the real world into the enigmatic and mysterious town. A staircase leads up the hill to the main buildings of majestic ensemble.


The entrance of the complex is located in the lower band, which include entrance to the ensemble - majestic arch -one as a portal, introduces visitors to the world of beauty and grandeur. Entrance portal leads to the current winter and summer mosque that built in the 19th century. Their ceilings and walls decorated with wonderful patterns.

Unusual structure of the entire complex has the mausoleum "Octagon" modestly lurking among the larger and majestic fellow ensemble. Here is unknown tombstone and even archaeological excavations didn’t discover the owner of this monument. This building attracts with its unusual shape - octahedral structure, which is unique for such constructions of the Timurid era. The concise style of design is also exceptional for the early 15th century.

The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Khoja attracts the eye with its gorgeous designs and decorations made in light green tones and perfectly in harmony with geometric and epigraphic ornament. The historians know nothing about the life of Khoja Ahmad except the fact that he was a religious leader and thinker, as evidenced by the inscription on the walls of the mausoleum. : "The day will come when you turn into the sand."

It endures many renovations, as well as repairs, and now the ensemble is one of the most famous monuments, which you can see if you visit Uzbekistan.

This complex is a brilliant and superbly executed architectural structure or ancient shrine where the faithful hearts can remain in communion with God, to observe the healing miracles, discover new truths. Enjoy the ornaments, decorations, extraordinary beauty of wood carving, and feel the magnificence that directly coming into contact with the history of this place.

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