Japanese garden in Tashkent

Japanese garden in Tashkent
Japanese garden in Tashkent
Japanese garden in Tashkent
Japanese garden in Tashkent

The abode of spiritual harmony

Japanese garden is a special park. To understand its beauty, you need time to dive into the world of Japanese national perception of the world, feel the spirit, depth and originality of Japanese culture, learn philosophy, way of thinking, a different system of values, people.

Few, thoughtfully selected items tea set, where each cup is related to different seasons and unique in form and figure, and a wooden bucket and a bronze pot used to admiring the beauty that is the inner essence of being. In the silence, drink a special kind of strong brewed green tea, frothed bamboo brush , enjoying privacy and tranquility.

Veranda Tea Pavilion - Tsukimidai located directly above the waters of the pond Ike , it is designed to meet evenings Moonlight and overlooks the beautiful panorama Chisenkayu Park , which is a microcosm of the vast Nature.

Central hill - Tsukiyama embodies great mountain rocks on its slopes resemble rocks stretching into the distance. From the mountain streams descend two waterfalls u00abstillu00bb : right powerful masculine " Yang " and left gentle feminine " Yin ", their jet in the lake connected Ike . Ike coast, lined with pebbles , smooth contours resemble rocky coastline Ishihama . Stone Island Gantou abstractly reflects sea cliffs in the ocean.

Ike follows from the pond creek Nagar, which is spanned by a wooden bridge mocha. Stone lantern Yukimidoro remarkably enhances the beauty of the scenery and talking about escaping the transience of beauty and jewelry every moment .

Inexpressible charm surrounded by reed and sedge , marsh pond Hasuike , on the water surface which proudly flaunt white lotus represents purity and perfection , tender and pink lily, waking up at sunrise and sunset, with falling asleep .

From the height of the bridge there is an unusual effect of mocha perception surrounding the amazing beauty and harmony of the world unsullied nature : running brook seems to penetrate the great river rocks , seething far below Yukimidoro converted into a Buddhist pagoda , the lost deep in the mountains , and we, with a bird's-eye view , see spreading down the field of flowers .

Among the flowering meadows and mountain pond lost two gazebos - Azumaya created for meditative contemplation thinking about harmony of the universe , inspiring harmony in the soul of man .

Japanese Park in Uzbekistan is always different: at dawn, in the moonlight and after rain, gentle spring and mature in autumn. But any time is uniquely beautiful! Visit this world of unique flora.

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