Hudzhum carpet factory of Samarkand

Hudzhum carpet factory of Samarkand
Hudzhum carpet factory of Samarkand

Tourists coming to Uzbekistan want to take with them not only a lot of pleasant experiences, but gifts and souvenirs for their homes. That is why each tour is designed so that travelers have time to walk to the souvenir shops.

So in Samarkand there is one attraction that is worth visiting. It is factory "Hudzhum", which produces carpets that offers not only to buy their products, but also to become the witness of carpet weaving process.

Samarkand carpet factory "Hudzhum" is known not only in Uzbekistan, but also beyond. Factory workers are experts in their field, more than a year studying the secrets of carpet weaving contrary to the opinion of mechanized labor in the factories, where the carpets are woven by hand. Here you will be shown the whole process of carpet making from unwinding the cocoon of a silkworm till final packaging.

In fact, carpet production in Central Asia is ancient from times when people started to produce multi-coloured woolen, felt mats. At that time carpet making was a home based industry and usually the carpet making techniques were transferred from generation to generation. In central Asian life a carpet was something of a necessity and family status symbol. First of all only the finest spring wool was used for weaving carpets to ensure the high quality of products. The longest fibers were used for spinning the carpet's warm.

Such a carpet was used family for centuries and it would never lose its high quality. Carpets are used as floor coverings, as piece of furniture and wall decoration. Wonderful silk and gold embroidered carpets were created in the workshops of each palace. These items were expensive and wee reserved for apartments as well as being offered as gifts to foreign rulers.

Interestingly, the factory employs only women. Weaving process is very long and creating a carpet could take a year. The price of the finished product ranges depending on the complexity of the design and the number of knots per square centimeter. But I must say it's worth it. There are carpets of indescribable beauty. Oriental patterns give them a mystery and dazzle the eyes.

By the way, do not worry about the toxicity of paints and materials. Carpets are made only from natural fibers, which are dyed with natural dyes need, such as pomegranate peel or walnut shells, stalks of asparagus, etc.

Being in Samarkand, we recommend you to visit Samarkand carpet factory Hudzhum.

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