Bukhara carpets

Bukhara carpets
Bukhara carpets

Bukhara carpets have become a global brand, dating back to the early middle ages. Even in the time of the Great Silk Road, Europeans could not remain indifferent when the caravan spread Bukhara carpets on the shelves of Madrid or Rome. Soft, pleasant nap, unusual pattern with all shades of red is a masterpiece bought up instantly.

Bukhara carpets stood firm and even Marco Polo, who visited Central Asia in the XIII century, could not contain his admiration for the work of Bukhara craftsmen, writing in his memoirs, "The most subtle and beautiful carpets in the world are manufactured in Bukhara!".

Two centuries later ambassador of Castile Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo, who visited Bukhara, also mentioned these carpets in his report.

Indeed, Bukhara carpets are always famous for its colorful, variegated pattern and high pile. High quality carpets lies in the secret use of materials - took a very long and soft wool plain sheep.

Decorated them with only natural dyes - bark of trees and pomegranates, as well as the root of the moraine - this gave the famous red palette.

In the ornament of Bukhara carpets used a variety of reasons - from the weather to landscapes. Especially popular were the images of people in the form of diamond shapes and geometric figures - many centuries later used this technique will start in the visual arts, and will be called "cubism".

The people have a lot of legends about the ornaments of Bukhara carpets. Carpets with the image of the sun, amulets, tumors and horns of argali have magical significance are designed to protect its wearer from evil and bring home good luck and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the production of carpets eventually went into decline - by the end of the XIX century have been lost almost all the secrets and traditions. It turned out that it is only at first glance - the secrets have not disappeared - the master, though no longer practiced, but continued to pass on to their children that in their time they gave their fathers, and after the independence of Uzbekistan, Bukhara carpet beginning of a new life. Traveling to Uzbekistan you can buy some souvenirs as a keepsake.

Today Bukhara carpets again on the shelves of the market and in the same way as a few centuries ago, makes people feel inexpressible delight at the sight of a masterpiece with all shades of red. Happy owners of Bukhara carpets argue that it not only adorns the walls of their homes, but also provides comfort, filling of luck and prosperity.

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