Bibi Hajar Mausoleum

Bibi Hajar Mausoleum

Located in the old city of Khiva, Bibi Hajar complex was built in 1846. It includes a mausoleum, winter mosque and cemetery. Pillar winter mosque there is a sign, which says that the building was erected during the epoch of Muhammad Rakhimkhan.

This complex is one of the most ancient monuments of Ichan -Kala. The mausoleum consists of ziyaratkhana (place of worship) and gurkhana (tomb). It was constructed in XIII century and over the centuries, due to the increased number of burials the mausoleum remained below ground level. However, archaeological excavations have been accumulated a lot of information on the history and the former appearance of the monument.

Who lived in the past, the historian Ahmed Razi and Sayyid Alauddin include a large list of famous sheikhs of Khorezm, claims that he was one of the largest after the sheikh of Sheikhs Najmeddin Kubra. These words can also be read in the works of Jami and Navoi.

In gurkhan (burial place) is remarkable by beauty of dakhma (tomb), which is considered as sacred by exquisite majolica tiles with glazed green, dark blue, light blue and white colors. All patterns on these flowers majolica its vividness form some extraordinary beauty.

Such majolica patterns in Khiva are the only ones. Their peers and similar to them on execution technology majolica patterns are patterns formed on the tomb of Bibi Hajar in mausoleum in the city of Old Urgench (in Turkmenistan), on the tomb mausoleum Kusama ibn Abbas in the complex Shahi Zinda in Samarkand.

Bibi Hajar mausoleum was built on the initiative of the scientists of that epoch, a prominent member of the Muslim-inspired Nakshbendi Amir Sufi Kulyalem.

The time required to visit entire complex will provide a great opportunity to move away from the hustle and subdue its spirit.

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