Uzbek traditional games and amusements

Uzbek traditional games and amusements
Uzbek traditional games and amusements

Folk games always and in all societies played an educational function. In contrast to other types of education, in folk games this process is organized in the form of competition and ease. Through folk games, a person can develop both physically and mentally. Folk games provide an opportunity for everyone to participate, and with this quality it is the most democratic type of education.

From time immemorial in Uzbek people's games the way of life of people, their work, national foundations, ideas of honor, courage, desire to possess physical strength and mind were brightly reflected. And participants had to show such qualities as agility, endurance, quickness and beauty of movements, sharpness, endurance, creative invention, resourcefulness, desire for victory and collectivism.

In Uzbekistan, national games and fun are an integral part of the culture of the Uzbek people.

Long since, during main holidays, weddings, festivities Uzbek people enjoyed themselves, had fun, arranged games, competitions in strength, dexterity, speed, sharpness.

And today, the national games in Uzbekistan are not forgotten, but are even experiencing a revival. Some games even went to the world level, as separate sports.

There are a lot of humor, jokes and competitive enthusiasm in Uzbek folk games. They retain their artistic charm, aesthetic value and constitute the most valuable, unique folklore.

The list of the most widespread traditional games of the Uzbek people

Ulak-kupkari is one of the most ancient equestrian games of the Uzbek people and peoples of Central Asia. This exceedingly exciting spectacle can be collated to the intensity of passions except with a Spanish corrida. Traditionally, ulak-kupkari is held at national holidays, weddings, in the spring before the start of agricultural work and in the autumn after harvest.

The Uzbek national wrestling or game kurash is one of the oldest warlike arts in the world and possibly the most popular form of entertainment in Uzbekistan.

No holiday or festivities can do without it. Kurash does not need a special athletic field or gym. Previously, men simply fought on the ground, at times carpets were laid. The rules of the fight are simple and democratic. Kurash is available to both young men and old people. Often on holidays you can see the fighting gray-bearded elders.

Sheep fighting is fascinating and even gambling spectacle. Spectators buzz, whistle, stomp their feet, cheering the fighters-sheep.

Cockfighting. Cocks of a special breed participate in battles. Cocks are specially prepared for dangerous bouts. No wonder the cocks are considered to be the most cocky and proud birds. Cockfighting is a lot like boxing fight and consists of rounds of 10 minutes.

In addition to the above games, in Uzbekistan there is a number of other national games: chavgon u2014 equestrian field hockey; kyz-kuvdi - catch up with the girl; teng keluv - pick up a scarf from the ground; olomon-poyga - jumps at various distances; ogdarysh - the combat of horsemen; isindi - riders fight with the darts; sultonlar jangi - saber duel; kabakhi - defeat the goal of jumping an arrow from a bow; nizaki-netum - defeat a target with a spear; syur papakh - equestrian basketball; ukhin-burti - a ball game with a racket. And all these games are held with the participation of noble horses.

If you go to Uzbekistan, you may take part in most Uzbek games and amusements during national customs and traditions of the Uzbek people.

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