Ramadan Hayit in Uzbekistan

Ramadan Hayit in Uzbekistan

Ramazan Hayit in Uzbekistan: general information and the history of the sacred holiday

Ramazan Hayit (or Ramadan) is one of the greatest and most long-awaited holidays of Uzbekistan, marking the completion of the sacred Muslim post of Ruza, observance of which composes one of the five dogmas of the Islamic religion. Its history goes back centuries, since the appearance of the Arabs on the territory of present-day Central Asia in the 7th century.

For 30 days, from dusk until dawn, believers should refrain from drinking water and eating; fighting negative thoughts and motives; showing tolerance, respect for others and doing good deeds. the greatest attention is given to the actions directed to the benefit of others. According to the Prophet's sayings, the importance of each of them at this time increases by 700 times, and making them becomes much easier, because during the sacred month the Shaitan is bound by chains and can not cause troubles to people.

How and when Ramadan is celebrated in Uzbekistan

Since gaining independence of Uzbekistan, Ramadan Hayit has been declared a day off and is widely celebrated. The holiday has no exact date. Every year it is celebrated at different times. After the fast, which lasts throughout the month, the holiday of Ramazan Hayit comes. It is celebrated for several days, the first of which is always considered a day off. On such days, all the ancient customs, which are kept by the Uzbeks, are observed.

The main essence of fasting is not in self-restraint, but in the spiritual feat that the fasting people are doing, towering over immediate needs and thoughts, turning their eyes towards perpetual, timeless values u200bu200boccupying a place in the soul of each person, actually going through the ritual of moral and spiritual purification. The most severe part of the fasting is last ten days.

In each Uzbek family, preparation for Ramazan Hayit begins in 24 hours. Traditional sweets and flour products such as "chak chak", "baursak" are prepared. In the evening people cook pilaf and generously treat their neighbors. On the day of the end of the fast the celebration of "Uraza Bayram" begins. The festival itself lasts three days. In the morning of the first day, Muslims utter a special prayer "Hayit Namaz", present alms to the needy called "zyakat", and also make prayer for the dead relatives.

Here is another custom of Ramazan Hayit in Uzbekistan. If there is a young wife in the husband's house, she should cook festive meals. But she comes out in a closed dark veil to meet the guests. All the children living next to her are trying to congratulate the young mistress and receive from her in return the sweetness that she prepared herself.

Travel to Uzbekistan and see how cheerfully and in a big way Ramazan Hayit is observed in Uzbekistan. It is necessary to become an article of the whole in order to feel the whole scale of the celebration of Ramadan Hayit in Uzbekistan.

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