Legend about Uzbekistan

Legend about Uzbekistan

Dear tourists, let us tell you a beautiful legend about Uzbekistan. The legend is beautiful and after reading it, perhaps you will have a desire to visit Uzbekistan together with our company Peopletravel.

At the beginning of time, after the Most High created the earth, he conceived to distribute it among the nations, so that everyone would get it, and no one would be offended.

The peoples gathered in line, there was an Uzbek among them. And the Uzbeks in those years were as welcoming, good-natured and polite as they are now. The Uzbek let everyone forward in front of him, bowed down to everyone, patted him on the shoulder, said, "Markhamat, Markhamat, come in, please, I'll wait, Markhamat", he smiled and generally felt great among other nations.

But then, finally, the Almighty gave the lands to all, and there one Uzbek remained - "Eh, where have you been before, my son? I have already distributed all the lands, "said the Heavenly Father. "Oh, creator, answered the Uzbek, you always instructed us to be merciful and kind, to respect others. All these peoples are my friends. And here I am, a servant of God, I have come to call on my heart and your instructions. Therefore, I stand before you last. "

The face of the Almighty brightened; he was surprised and generously smiled at the Uzbek "My son, Uzbek! You have a truly generous soul! For this, I will give you the best land that I have in store for myself. Now let this land, like paradise, where flowers are fragrant, trees bloom, green grass grows, emerald rivers flow and beautiful animals live, be the land of your people! "

The Almighty said so and gave the best land that lies between two rivers, in a wonderful valley, protected by impregnable mountains.

Here is such a legend about Uzbekistan.

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