Uzbek sweets

Uzbek sweets
Uzbek sweets
Uzbek sweets

Oriental sweets are an integral part of the Uzbek cuisine. Besides, Uzbek sweets are appreciated all over the world. The main advantage of Uzbek sweets is that they are prepared exclusively from natural products, without use of artificial colors and preservatives. According to ancient tradition, the recipes and methods of cooking many Uzbek sweets for a long time have been secret, as only the khan and his associates were allowed to eat them. Nowadays, everyone can buy and taste Uzbek goodies!

According to etiquette on all big holidays, as well as to any guest who came to the house, hot tea with sweets and cakes is served firstly.

The assortment of Uzbek sweets is huge. Homemade sweets, snow-white nishalda, sunny navat crystals, nuts, dried fruits that remember the bright rays of the summer sun, pastries and other confectionery occupy the whole space of the dastarkhan (Uzbek table) and look nice.

Traditional sweets of Uzbekistan:

The most famous of them are khalva and navat. Khalva is one of the most popular Uzbek delicacies. Khalva is made from nuts or seeds (sunflower, sesame, etc.) with the addition of sugar. There are a lot of recipes for its manufacture. There are recipes in which there is oil, egg whites, flour, honey, etc. In some regions of Uzbekistan, as in a number of eastern countries, khalva is prepared only by manual method, adhering to original old-fashioned recipes. All khalva of manual preparation has a delicate, delicious taste. Some secrets of its manufacture are still not disclosed.

Navat is a special sugar that crystallizes in a special way. It is served for tea, sometimes it is replaced by simple sugar or caramel candy. Navat is made from condensed sugar syrup or from grape juice. Special spices are added to it. The boiling syrup is poured into huge cauldrons with strands stretched horizontally. Around these threads the crystals of sugar are formed. Navat can be of different colors: from whitish to saturated brown. This Uzbek sweet product is added to tea or simply sucked in the mouth, like a lollipop. Only with glucose and fructose navat has a number of healing features. It is used in folk medicine as a cough and throat remedy. Together with green tea it heals a variety of ailments. Navat warms, strengthens immunity, and gives energy; it is indispensable for hypothermia and colds.

The list of Uzbek sweets also includes parvarda and nishalda. Parvarda - Uzbek national caramel candy. These candies have the shape of a pillow and white color thanks to flour powder. Parvarda is prepared only from sugar, flour and lemon juice. First, sugar is cooked to form an elastic mass, then square pieces are made and are sprinkled with flour. The preparation process is very laborious. Sometimes spices or herbs are added to these ready-made Uzbek sweets. It gives delicate color and flavor accents.

Nishalda - sweetness, cooked with whipped egg whites and sugar syrup with the addition of decoctions of herbs such as fossil and licorice. Nishalda looks like a thick sour cream. By tradition, this Uzbek delicacy is made for Navruz. During this period nishalda is sold in the city bazaars. The trader in a snow-white dressing gown mixes this sweetness in a vat with a large ladle, winds it into a voluminous tangle and distributes it piece by piece. This white delicacy is so thick that a spoon can stand in it. Due to its composition it is tasty and useful together.

Straws (urama) - fried in oil flat pieces of fresh dough, often rolled up into "curls", which are then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Pashmak is the Uzbek sweetness made of fine floury threads in the form of glomeruluses. Such a delicacy crackles and gradually melts in the mouth. This sweet dish should be eaten necessarily fresh, because it cannot be stored for long. Freshly cooked pashmak is sold in any large Uzbek bazaar.

The menu of Uzbek sweet dishes cannot be imagined without a lot of nuts. Here delicious peanut in sesame powder or sweet fondant, all kinds of sweet or salted pits (apricots, almonds), pistachios and dried fruits are presented. Kozinaki, famous treat is cooked here from sunflower or sesame seeds.

All the above is only a small part of traditional Uzbek sweets, which is a great deal in the Uzbek cuisine. These and other delicacies of Uzbekistan not only have a great taste, they are incredibly useful if, of course, they are consumed at reasonable dosages. All this must be tasted to enjoy all the sweetness of the mysterious East!

Uzbekistan is rich in other delicacies, which you can taste only at a certain time of the year or in the certain region of Uzbekistan.

The abundance of colors, variety of tastes ... Uzbek sweets will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone will find something for the taste and soul. Arriving in Uzbekistan within tours from Peopletravel, you also can taste unique Uzbek flavors and know the savour of sweet eastern Uzbekistan.

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