Uzbek sour-milk dishes

Uzbek sour-milk dishes
Uzbek sour-milk dishes
Uzbek sour-milk dishes

Sour-milk products occupy a special place in the Uzbek national cuisine. They are made from sheep, cow or goat milk. And very few people know that in Uzbekistan people really like sour-milk products. That's why they try not only to consume them as an independent dish, but also to add them to this or that dish.

List of Uzbek sour-milk dishes and their qualities:

The most common and known dairy products of Uzbekistan are katyk - sour milk, kaimak - fat cream, shirobcha - cream, maskaeg - butter, sarieg - melted butter and pishlok - local Uzbek cheese.

Uzbek kurt:

Also, Uzbek people have another popular product, the so-called kurt. It is a ball made from dry sour milk, seasoned with pepper and salt. Other names of kurt are kurut, korot, khurut and gurt. From Turkic kurt is translated as “dried”. Foreign tourists call kurt “Uzbek cheese balls”.

Local people, regardless of nationality, like kurt very much. Since childhood they are accustomed to this salty milk and long-lasting taste. In Uzbekistan this is a kind of alternative to popcorn. Throwing a ball on the cheek one can watch the movie.

Kurt makes it easier to tolerate heat. Uzbek kurt perfectly satisfies not only hunger, but also thirst, keeping moisture in the body, which is especially important when traveling across the boundless hot steppes, deserts, and also during long ascents in the mountains.

Kurt is universal. With it you can cook a thick nutritious soup, it can be eaten with bread as a sandwich. You can add Uzbek kurt to salad instead of cheese and salt. You can dissolve it in mineral water and get a refreshing drink.

Kurt is easily digestible, because it is a concentrate of natural milk with a natural preservative - salt. By caloric content and composition kurt is almost equal to meat, but meat is not stored for so long and it is not digested so easily! One ball of kurt with a diameter of 1 cm is equivalent to 100 g of milk. Kurt contains high-grade milk proteins, biologically active substances, carbohydrates, enzymes, microelements (calcium) and vitamins (A, E, D).

Uzbek sour-milk drinks:

A variety of sour-milk drinks, which are obtained not only from the cow's milk, but also from sheep and goats are popular in Uzbekistan. This is ayran (a drink based on katik), as well as kumys (a drink from mare's milk). Sour-milk drinks not only quench thirst, but also strengthen immunity, that the wise inhabitants of the East intuitively realized long before modern scientific research. After pumping the serum from the katyk suzma is got. Uzbek suzma is a nourishing clot that resembles Uzbek cottage cheese.

A bit more about Uzbek ayran. This is a drink made from sour milk, diluted with cold spring water and flavored with herbs. It adds strength and relieves thirst. Interesting enough is the history of its creation. By the way, this drink has been existing for more than fifteen centuries.

Despite the fact, that ayran is considered a true Uzbek drink, it was firstly prepared by the Turkic nomads. The thing is that they needed a product that would not spoil for a long time and could always saturate the body with all the necessary substances. Over time, the recipe for the preparation of the drink has spread to other peoples, and over time has become an integral part of Uzbek cuisine.

Uzbek sour-milk soups:

The most popular among Uzbek sour-milk dishes are soups, which are divided into meat and vegetarian, as well as cold and hot. It is worth at least once in life to taste the sour-milk Uzbek soups, the recipe of which has been handed down for centuries. To this day, these dishes are very popular among the Uzbeks, because they differ not only in their taste and aroma, but also in their beneficial effect on human health.

All Uzbek sour-milk products are used both separately and as ingredients of national dishes.

It is very easy to buy dairy and sour milk products in Uzbekistan. They are sold everywhere. During sightseeing tours around Uzbekistan, be sure to check out the local bazaars. Here you will find the expanse of Uzbek fermented dairy products for every taste.

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