Uzbekistan mountains

Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains
Uzbekistan mountains

Uzbekistan mountains: ranges, peaks and mountain system

Mountains the most picturesque miracle of nature. Staying in the mountains everybody feels indescribable enjoyment and full unity with nature.

Uzbekistan more than 1/3 consists of mountains.

Uzbekistan Mountains are taken up by the Tien Shan and Gissar-Alay mountain systems encountered many millions years ago on the place of the sea, which covered the Central Asia and neighboring countries. Within Uzbekistan there are more than 40 glaciers, placed in the mountain range of the Western Tien-Shan. The majority of these glaciers are in the upper Pskem river. The Tien-Shan and the Gissar-Alay mountain systems form the highest part of Uzbek mountains, known as "High Asia". The area of mountains of Uzbekistan make up 96 thousand kilometers, which in total 21,3% of the territory of Uzbekistan. Impressive supplies of humidity are concentrated in Alpine lakes with sky-blue clear water and in mighty glacier rare not only in the famous mountains in Uzbekistan, but also in the world. It is here ringing tiny brooks are born, they make more than ten thousand large and small rivers carrying crystal pure water to the plain.

According to the climatic conditions the mountains in Uzbekistan are divided into some altitude belts of 1 or 1,5 kilometers high. Each zone has its own vegetation and animal world interconnected with each other. In the foothills from the first steps you can see an ephemeral glassy, in some places rising up to 600 meters above sea level.

Highest mountain point of Uzbekistan

The highest point in Uzbekistan mountains is Khazret Sultan peak (4,643 m.). This peak belongs to the Gissar Range, that is a segment of the Pamir-Alay system. The Gissar Range divides Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the North of the Uzbek Republic.

List of mountains of Uzbekistan

Ugam Range

The major spurs of the Talas Alatau extreme is the so-called Ugam Range. Ugam Range is a mountain range of the West Tien-Shan system, lying on the crossing of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The extent of the range is 115 meters.

The highest point is Sayram mountain at an altitude of 4238 meters. The Ugam and Nauvylysai revers flow down from the Ugam Range.

Chatkal Range

Chatkal Range in the West Tien-Shan bounding the Ferghana valley from the North-west has a length of about 200 kilometers., and height of 3000 meters.

This ridge with many spurs, deep gorges is forming a vast and heavy mountain mass. The highest point of the ridge is Chatkal peak - 4503 meters.

Pskem Range

Pskem mountain Range in the West Tien-Shan is covering the territories of mountains of Uzbekistan (Tashkent region) and Kyrgyzstan. Pskem range is also seen as a spur of the Talas Alatau.

Pskem Range is playing a main role in the basin of the Chirchik as a watershed between Pskem and Chatkal. The average height of the ridge is around 3200 meters; some peaks have a height of 4288 meters.

Qurama Range

Qurama range in the West Tien-Shan is a south-western branch of the Chatkal range. Qurama range is bounding the Ferghana valley from the north-west. The range divides Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The range has a length of about 170 kilometers, and a high of separate peaks up to 3769 meters.

At an altitude of 2300 meters there are coniferous and leaf-bearing forests, juniper woodlands on the northern descent of the walnut, alpine meadows and fescue steppes; and lower descents have steppes and bushes, adapted to the dry climate.

Alay range

Alay range stretches along the southern edge of the Ferghana valley, separating the Ferghana valley from the Alay Valley. At the same time the Alay Range is the watershed of the main rivers of Central Asia - the Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

The Alay range in the scenery of the Ferghana valley takes the most important place, creating for a viewer a rare combination of artistic snow-covered mountains surrounded by clouds, in the greenery of numerous villages, disappearing on the horizon in the blue haze of the foothills. But the Alay ridge is especially important for the way of life of the population in the Ferghana vale, because the most part of which with boundless gardens and fields is irrigated by the waters of rivers flowing into the valley from these wonderful famous mountains in Uzbekistan.


Pulatkhan - Mesa mountain with a truncated, flat top. Pulatkhan mountain is situated in the north-western spurs of the Chatkal Range in Ugam-Chatkal national park. The area of the plateau Pulatkhan is about 8 square kilometers, the maximum height is 2823 meters. In the eastern part of Pulatkhan there is a spring.

In spring time in the middle of the plateau flows a stream that has no flow. Water from the spring is seeping through the bowels of the plateau and flows out of the walls of the plateau, forming waterfalls. Pulatkhan abounds in caves. Zaidman cave is the deepest cavern with a depth of 506 meters.

Beldersay - recreation zone in the mountains of Uzbekistan

Beldersay area takes its name from the mountain river Beldersay, which originates from the southwestern slopes of the mountain Great Chimgan at an altitude of nearly 2250 meters.

Beldersay area is famous for its ski resort. The skiing season lasts from November till May. Even when the temperature reaches +15 degree, the snow doesn't melt.

Chimgan popular place for rest

Chimgan is the picturesque place of the Uzbek mountains, which is often called "Uzbek Switzerland". The highest point of the area is known as the top of Big Chimgan and has a height of 3309 meters. In the foothills of Chimgan at an altitude of 1600 meters there is a large touristic ski complex "Chimgan". Numerous child camps and sanatoriums were also built in Chimgan area.

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Tien-Shan Mountains on the territory of Uzbekistan

The Tien-Shan mountains are the most notable mountains on the Earth. "Tien-Shan" in Chinese means "Heaven mountains". In the Turkic this name sounds like Tanry-Nishan (Tanry God; Nishan - mark).

As mentioned above, Uzbekistan Mountains is a part of the Tien Shan and Gissar-Alay mountains. Mountains of the Tien-Shan and Gissaro-Alai in the East are firmly connected by the Fergana range, and in the West tightly joining to the throat of the Farkhad gates of the Syrdarya river, widely part between these junctions, covering the giant kettle, named "the Fergana valley".

On the West-East major mountains in Uzbekistan are forming the Ugam Range. It is narrow, rocky and strongly partitioned. The total length of the Ugam Range is almost 100 kilometres, the highest peaks are over 4,000 meters.

For the citizens of Tashkent the West Tien-Shan are cool and green suburban vicinities, lovely places for rest. Charvak reservoir, situated in Bostanlyk region, is placed along the Chirchik river, at the confluence of the rivers Pskem and Ugam. The fertile nook of the West Chatkal - Bostanlyk area calling Chimgan ski valley prostrated around the bassin. The three-kilometer altitude mountain barrier Chimgan intercepts moisture falls from the winds crossing the desert, and the share of Bostanlyk goes up to 1000 millimeters of rain a year - three times more than in Tashkent. Here, as in the south of the Chatkal ridge, tangle of wild apple trees grow and the walnut groves adorn.

There are three large nature reserves on the territory of Uzbekistan mountains, particularly in the West Tien-Shan. They are Aksu-Djabagly, Sary-Chelek and Chatkal reserves.

More interesting information about mountains on the territory of Uzbekistan

On the territory of Uzbekistan mountains near Tashkent, Surkhandarya, Samarkand and Kashkadarya regions the botanical, geological and hydrogeology sights of nature and waterfalls are of interest. There are numerous remains of attractive sights of ancient civilization. They are petroglyphs, burial mounds, fortresses, remains of sites of primitive men, objects of antiquity, steps of dinosaurs and etc. About 60 mineral springs of special chemical structure were found in the mountains of Uzbekistan. A great number of sanatoriums and clinics are situated not far from these medicinal springs.

The fauna of famous mountains in Uzbekistan is rich and various. So, in the West and South Tien-Shan there are more than 120 types of mammal, 20 types of reptile, 20 types of fish, 3 types of amphibian and up to 500 types of birds.

In general the fauna of Uzbek mountains is very abundant. You can talk a lot about amenities of mountains in Uzbekistan. But it would be better to come to Uzbekistan. Once having visited the Uzbekistan you will discover much cognitive and useful, regardless you are a traveler or a naturalist.

Planning your trip to Uzbekistan you surely should find time and opportunity to visit Uzbek mountains. You will get much positive emotions, impressions and cheerful mood. And you decidedly will want to return here to Uzbekistan again and again.

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