Uzbek karnay

Uzbek karnay

Every inhabitant of Uzbekistan easily recognizes the sounds of karnay. This wind musical instrument is very popular among the people.

Previously, karnay was also used as a tool for convening warriors, as well as in order to alert the public that an enemy or a nuisance is approaching. The sound of karnay musical instrument was heard all over the village and people were ready for this or that action due to the loudness of the national wind instrument.

In the past, Uzbek karnay was also used in Central Asia as a military (signal) instrument for communication at great distances, as well as during ceremonial departures of khans and military leaders. It was along with surnay and nagora in ensembles of vagrant musicians (the sounds of karnay announced the beginning of mass festivities, performances of puppeteers, rope walkers).

In one of the miniatures of 1430, the Firdausi manuscript "Shahnama" depicts a battle, during which, in the same ranks with soldiers, there are drummers and musicians trumpeting into long karnays.

Uzbek karnay is a brass pipe up to 3 meters, the base of which is expanded. In simple terms, it is something in the form of a bell on a long leg. There are two types of pipe karnay - straight and cranked. Its first type is especially widespread. Usually, Uzbek karnay consists of three parts that join each other. Karnay has a mouthpiece, to the hole of which a 97 mm long tube is soldered inside the instrument. Its diameter gradually widens from 5 to 36 mm. The diameter of the mouthpiece is 37 mm, and the socket is 232 mm.

Uzbekistan karnay musician extracts sounds from the instrument, pressing a small plate - "sadat", and then he blows into it. Usually musicians play karnay in the standing position. By register and timbre Uzbek karnay is close to trombone.

Uzbek karnay is one of the most ancient tools that have come down to us without much change.

The instrument has a powerful and strong sound. Modern Uzbek musicians traditionally use karnay at weddings. These deep solemn sounds today symbolize the holiday. They can be heard not only from the neighboring street, they can be heard even from another quarter of the city. At the festival, melodies decorated with karnays, loudly and publicly declare that in this house the festival is celebrated.

In Uzbekistan karnays sound at weddings, special celebrations in honour of the birth of a child.

There is also the belief that if a boy or a man hears the sounds of karnay, then soon his wedding will take place.

Having made a trip to Uzbekistan, you can also hear the melody of Uzbek karnayu00a0and other musical instruments.

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