Teacher's day in Uzbekistan

Teacher's day in Uzbekistan
Teacher's day in Uzbekistan

General concept of the holiday

Humanity is arranged in such a way that the young generation takes over from the elder one its experience, knowledge and skills. Even in primitive times, it was common to share responsibilities in the community of people: the stronger people went to the hunt, and wiser ones brought up and passed on the accumulated experience of the youth.

From early childhood we go to school for knowledge. The teacher becomes our second parent. We listen to the teacher, take over his experience and knowledge.

Teachers and tutors are people without whom we would not have been individuals, would not have received vital skills and knowledge. 1st of October - Teacher's Day in Uzbekistan is a possibility to express appreciation to these prominent people on their professional festive occasion.

History of origin of the Teacher's Day

Until the middle of the 20th c., nobody thought of honoring people who are engaged in the enlightenment of children, adolescents and even adults. But in 1944, US officials received a letter from a simple teacher from the state of Arkansas. She asked directly to single out a day in the year for the congratulations of all those who were engaged in the education of the young generation. And only 9 years later, such a holiday was established in the USA. It was celebrated on Tuesday of the first full May week.

Earlier, the holiday was asseverated in the USSR on September 29, 1965. It was solemnized on the first Sunday in October. Today in Uzbekistan the Teacher's Day is commemorated on October 1. In Uzbekistan it has been celebrated since 1997.

Celebration of the Teacher's day in Uzbekistan

On Teacher's Day, Uzbek school children, students and all people congratulate teachers and preceptors of all educational institutions on their professional holiday. In Uzbekistan, the attitude to teachers and spiritual leaders has always been special, and today people of this profession are still immensely respected and appreciated.

For ten years it has become a wonderful tradition to celebrate October 1 in Uzbekistan as a national holiday. This is clear evidence to the high deference and recognition by our people of worthy work of teachers and tutors who, without sparing their knowledge and experience, talent and adroitness, warmth, dignity and energy, showing the best human qualities, wholeheartedly serves the cause of enlightenment. Remembering teachers, naturally, each of us, regardless of what position he occupies, recalls the best school years, blithe childhood, which left an ineffaceable mark in his memory. We show reverence to the teachers who gave us not only knowledge, but lessons of humanity.

The Uzbek people honors not only the Teacher's Day, but also many other national holidays. You have a unique opportunity to visit Uzbekistan and plunge into the life of the Uzbek people with its holidays and traditions.

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