Tashkent parks and gardens

Tashkent parks and gardens
Tashkent parks and gardens
Tashkent parks and gardens
Tashkent parks and gardens

Green zones and parks of Tashkent. General information

Tashkent is one of the greenest capitals in the world. Tashkent mysteriously manages to combine harmoniously all possible variety of capital functions. It is the historical, cultural, educational, administrative and trade center of Uzbekistan. Everywhere the national color is intertwined with modern technologies. But the most pleasant for the traveler in Tashkent is the excellent conditions for rest in all its manifestations.

There are a lot of parks and open space in Tashkent. You can always find an excuse to go to the park to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun's rays or just walk in the shade of perennial trees. There are also many sports grounds and children's attractions.

Even in the past Tashkent was famous for its park areas. Now when looking at Tashkent, you see a large garden, which here and there covers low buildings. The city is immersed in abundance of u200bu200bgreenery. The first city park in Tashkent was founded in April 1882.

Approximately 35 percent of Tashkent's area is covered with greenery: trees, flowers, bushes, etc. In total, there are 18 large park zones in Tashkent, besides innumerable small gardens.

The abundance of the most diverse gardens and parks in Tashkent is able to please every taste. It's amazing, but it turns out that the capital city can be calm and cozy thanks to a great deal of wonderful parks and rest places!

Fauna on the green islands of Tashkent

Scientists estimated that 180 species of vertebrates are found within the capital of Uzbekistan. Most of them are birds, followed by mammals related to orders of bats, rodents and predators.

On the left bank of the river Chirchik in the Bektemir district of Tashkent is a magnificent golf club. About half of its well-groomed territory is occupied by water bodies, the rest consists of numerous dazzlingly beautiful golf courses interspersed with picturesque groves. When you get here, you forget that you are in a large city. In winter, a large number of waterfowl accumulates on the ice-free areas of water bodies with running water. They are coot, various kinds of ducks. There is a graceful large white heron. On the man-made overgrown island in the golf club, the handsome pheasants have settled and feel at home, and a rather large colony of quakva, a relative of the heron quack, has appeared on the trees. By the way, only a few settlements of these funny birds are known on the territory of Uzbekistan. Here also regularly occur small cormorants.

Of course, life does not stand still, times change. Now in the outskirts of Tashkent you will not find the Turanian tiger, as in the XIX century. Now, to meet a snow leopard, a bear, a wild boar, a roe deer or a wolf, you need to drive from the capital for 40-60 kilometers to the mountains.

But, getting on the "green island", you often catch yourself thinking that, despite everything, we remained a part of nature and really want to breathe in full.

List of amusement parks and green zones in Tashkent

On the bank of the Salar canal in the northeastern part of Tashkent there is a Botanical garden - a favorite place for walks of citizens and guests of the capital of any age. Here you feel like in a real big forest.

One of the most delightful places in Tashkent, where you can enjoy in the bosom of nature, enjoy the dense greenery of trees and herbs, is a Japanese garden.
This picturesque landscaped park of Tashkent, compactly located between the Bozsu canal and a small lake, is situated near the city center, near Uzexpocenter and the International Hotel.

Throughout the garden there are a lot of gazebos, tables, most likely in order to arrange picnics.
If suddenly, you want to visit this paradise and a secluded place, then you should take a camera with you, as this is an ideal place for a photo shoot.u00a0

On the site of the old zoo, at the intersection of Abdulla Kadiri and Makhtumkuli streets, there is Tashkent Central eco-park, named after Bobur.

On an area of 12 hectares, apart from shady alleys and lawns, there is a place for cross-country and bicycle paths, two tennis courts, grounds for mini-football, badminton, beach volleyball, and there are training apparatus for the workout and a terrace for practicing yoga.
In the eco-park there are no attractions, but for children wooden platforms and a rope park are built.

Tashkent Modern Zoo is the center for the creation of collections of rare and disappearing species of animals introduced into the International and Republican Red Books, their artificial breeding and acquaintance of the populace with the fauna of the Republic and the World. In addition, it is a cultural, educational and research institution for the preservation, breeding and reintroduction of rare and valuable species of animals.

The Tashkent Zoo was organized in 1924. In the Tashkent Zoo you can go sightseeing, feed the animals, make a photo shoot, ride children on attractions or just have a good time.

Routes and weaves of the Anhor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent guarantee an unlimited choice of entertainment for a different taste and age. For the main visitors of the park children there is a children's area, built with age-specific features of young visitors, where they can throw out energy, in parallel developing dexterity, imagination and savvy.

On the territory of the former park "Zafar Diyer" "Lokomotiv Amusement Park" is successfully located. The park covers an area of 8 hectares, which is divided into 5 zones. This Tashkent park is designed to be visited by all age groups. It can offer much interesting for everyone.

For the residents of the capital of Uzbekistan, one of the most loved and popular places is the Tashkent-Land amusement park. Very often the locals call it Disneyland. Only in this park of Tashkent you can see the famous roller coaster, famous swing Hammer and Wave and a beautiful water park. Both adults with children and noisy youth companies come here to relax and get sharp impressions on attractions.

Gafur Gulyam Culture and Recreation Park was established in 1967. Today it is one of the biggest and green parks not only in Tashkent, but throughout the Republic.

Gafur Gulyam Park is a real oasis in the middle of a big city in the summer heat. Once you get here, you immediately forget about the hot summer, because there are so many trees and fresh greenery. In the park there is a large number of attractions which draw adults' and children' attention.

Mirzo Ulugbek Park, the former Telman Park is one of the oldest and most fascinating parks in Tashkent. This is a great place for a fun holiday with children and friends.

In the park there are many different attractions for both children and young people.

One of the most favorite parks in Tashkent is the Cultural and Recreational Park after Bobur.

Currently, the park area is 17.5 hectares; the area of the green lawn is 7 hectares. Such events as flower shows in autumn, days of tourism, beer lovers' days, and others are held here.

Tashkent National Park named after A. Navoi is one of the largest city parks in the country. The park was laid by the Komsomol members of Tashkent in the place of quarries of the old brick plant by the method of khashar (people's building) in 1932. Now this park bears the name of Alisher Navoi, the great enlightener. The area of the park is now 65 hectares; the area of the lake and the water channels of the park is 9 hectares.

A new Park Ashkhabad, which opened its doors to guests and residents of the capital only recently is worth visiting. On April 23, 2018, the Ashkhabad Park started its work.

Choose a day to view thousands of plants and flowers in the Tashkent Botanical Garden or enjoy a still walk in the Japanese Garden. In all parks and gardens of Tashkent you can relax in peace and tranquility, have a picnic, play golf and even ride a horse.

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