Khatna kilish in Uzbekistan

Khatna kilish in Uzbekistan
Khatna kilish in Uzbekistan

The birth of a boy in a family is a special joy and care. Therefore, holding the Muslim rite "Khatna kilish" or Sunnat Toyi (circumcision) in Uzbekistan is a great holiday for Uzbek families.

In different regions of the country this ritual is known as "Sunnat tui", "Chukron", "Khatna tuyi", "Kulini khalollash (poklash)".

The boy's circumcision ceremony in Uzbekistan is also associated with the distant historical past and links the tradition of celebrating the rite of initiation - a special rite of maturation of the boys, emerged in the early stages of human history.

When a boy turns 3, 5, 7, 9 years old, rarely - 11-12 years old, he should be sure to go through the Islamic rite of circumcision. In the life of every boy it is the most essential and joyful event.

Holding of Sunnat wedding is administered by the public. From the boy's birth his parents make ready for Sunnat toyi, gradually acquiring all the necessary.

Traditionally, a series of rites (tailoring blankets and wedding dress), which were entrusted to mothers of many children in makhalla was held in the process of preparation for the Uzbek circumcision rite. After all rites a ceremony of reading the Koran was held. Elders of the village, Imam and kinsmen were invited for this rite. In the house where the Uzbek Sunnat wedding is held a special table is served and pilaf is cooked. After that large weddings begin.

At the festival of the circumcision a hero of the event in the circle of relatives and elders is put on a full set of new clothes. Then a boy is congratulated and given money and sweets. The culmination of Sunnat toyi is the appearance of a stallion in rich harness and ribbons, on which the boy is seated. The boy is wished to grow a mighty and a brave hero.

The largest rite at the circumcision in Uzbekistan is pilaf feeding. Up to 80-s of the twentieth century, guests having arrived for pilaf, had sat on the kurpacha (Uzbek quilts). Now Sunnat wedding is held in cafes and restaurants. In former times at the end of the ritual in the yard a large fire was fueled, around which kurash, tug-of-war and other games were held. In the living rooms feast, poetry reading were held by women. Bakhshi performed excerpts from the epos. After the circumcision party kopkari (horse sporting games) and other competitions were held.

At the end of Sunnat toyi a master-barber made the circumcision. Now it is executed by surgeons.

Circumcision ceremony is a sacred holiday. Carrying out this rite is a holy duty for the Muslims.

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