Lokomotiv park in Tashkent

Lokomotiv park in Tashkent
Lokomotiv park in Tashkent
Lokomotiv park in Tashkent

The popular Tashkent Lokomotiv amusement park is located on the territory of the former park "Zafar Diyer". The Lokomotiv park covers an area of u200bu200b8 hectares, which is divided into 5 zones. This is a children's area (13 attractions for children up to 15 years old); zone for the whole family (12 attractions for people from 10 years old); extreme zone (professional climbing wall, rope town with tarzans, trampolines); fountain square (the area around the fountain with summer terraces under the cafeteria); "Oriental Garden" (a garden of rare trees, with a system of ponds, terraces, pavilions a canal, a waterfall; is oriented for wedding photo sessions).

As you can see, the Lokomotiv park is designed for visiting of all age groups. It can offer something interesting for everyone.

On the playground there are attractions for children from 2 to 15 years. The employees of the Lokomotiv amusement park in Tashkent note that, this arrangement has significant advantages, because it makes it possible to find all the interesting entertainments in the vicinity of each other and not to explore the entire territory of the park in search of the attraction you need.

In the eastern zone of the Lokomotiv amusement park older people can sit quietly in the shade of trees and relax while children or grandchildren enjoy a trip by rail. In addition, you can spend time on the "fountain square", which is not only musical, but is also accompanied by a video series on the water screen. Both of these zones are also ideal for photo sessions.

It is necessary to tell separately about the railway. Around the whole territory of the Lokomotiv park there are railway tracks, along which a small train passes. Such a walk will cause delight in both children and adults, who will easily return to childhood. The barriers that cover the sidewalks of the park when they are crossed by a locomotive, give some seriousness to this walk.

However, the extreme entertainment, such as catapult, climbing wall and rope town arouse admiration. Catapult is a booth with two seats, which with acceleration flies up to a significant height, while making horizontal rotations around its axis. The climbing wall and the rope town are also no less extreme entertainments, which, besides everything else, require a lot of physical preparation.

Throughout the Lokomotiv amusement park there are shopping tents where you can buy refreshments, sweets and light snacks to satisfy hunger. It should be noted that each of the tents is made in the form of some architectural masterpiece, for example, the Pisa or Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Egyptian Pyramid and the Acropolis.

In the Lokomotiv park today more than 1000 units of 50 years old trees grow, as well as 400 additional seedlings of Metosekva, more than 100 Crimean seedlings, oaks and chestnuts, and more than 3 hectares of lawns, which makes the Lokomotiv park a favorite place for residents and visitors of the capital, especially in hot summer days.

In the Lokomotiv amusement park of Tashkent there is a universal payment system - magnetic cards, which makes visiting of attractions more comfortable.

Be sure to look into the entertainment park Lokomotiv, you will not regret it. In addition to parks and gardens in Tashkent, Peopletravel Company proposes a wide range of attractions that can be visited during a fascinating Uzbek tour. Leave an application on our website and collect your bags in the most fascinating journey across Uzbekistan.

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