Independence Day of Uzbekistan

Independence Day of Uzbekistan

Independence Day of Uzbekistan, held on September 1, is the main national holiday and the official day off.

The Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was declared in September 1, 1991 after a special session of the Supreme Council of the Republic.

In each region in Uzbekistan, a festive program is written in honor of the Independence Day. These are the performances of original folklore groups and sports battles, and variety shows, and noisy fairs of folk craftsmen. And, of course, what a holiday without food! Festive pilaf on this day is the central dish of any dastarkhan (table), followed by family, colleagues, neighbors and friends. In various districts of the country in honor of the Uzbekistan Independence Day, special exhibitions on the history, culture of the country and flower festivals are opened.

In Tashkent the celebration is prepared in advance, because the festive show is so spectacular and large that it is simply breathtaking. It involves hundreds of extras, musicians, dance groups, the brightest stars of the stage and cinema. And in the evening in honor of the 1st of September - Independence Day of Uzbekistan a grandiose festive salute flies over the square.

One of the places for the occasion of the Independence Day of Uzbekistan is also the National Park in Tashkent named after Alisher Navoi. There are festive parades and events; concerts and performances of local stars are organized.

As the observance of the Independence Day of Uzbekistan falls on September 1, you can behold a lot of foreign visitors traveling around Uzbekistan. From this, the mood of all that is going on becomes even more rosy and bright. After all, the people of Uzbekistan are eager to share their wonderful mood with the guests of the country.

The Independence Day, realizing the embodiment of the century-old dream of ancestors, freedom and prosperity of the Uzbek land, unlimited possibilities and prospects of people, is glorified in the history of Uzbekistan as the greatest date.

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