Gafur Gulyam park in Tashkent

Gafur Gulyam park in Tashkent
Gafur Gulyam park in Tashkent

Culture and Leisure Park named after Gafur Gulyam is the second largest park in the capital of Uzbekistan after the Alisher Navoi National Park. The park has many attractions, including the Ferris wheel, as well as a small zoo. On the territory of the park there are two artificial lakes, powered by the water channel Ankhor. A small lake, with an islet in the middle, is popularly called "Bublik" (doughnut-shaped bread roll) because of its similarity with this bakery product. The large lake has equipped beaches and a rental of boats and catamarans.

History of the construction of Gafur Gulyam Park

In the middle of the last century, Chilanzar district was actively built in Tashkent. So, in 1967, on a 22-hectare wasteland, at the intersection of Druzhba Narodov (now Bunyodkor) and Chalpan-Ata (formerly Volgograd) streets, Gafur Gulyam Recreation Park was built by the folk construction method. Now it is considered to be the best not only in the city of Tashkent, but also in the Republic.

Gafur Gulyam Park is the greenest park in Tashkent, densely planted with trees, which makes it look like an oasis among the asphalt roads and concrete buildings of the city.

A large lake in the middle of the park provides visitors with a mild microclimate and creates a natural idyll.

Attractions of Gafur Gulyam Park

The variety of attractions in Gafur Gulyam Park in Tashkent is so great that every visitor will find something interesting for himself. The Ferris wheel is a kind of park clock. The movement of the wheel means that the park is open. In the park of Gafur Gulyam there are many places and activities for quiet rest of visitors, for example, boat rides, horseback riding, chess games or simply sitting on a bench in the shade of trees and reading a book.

The park feature is a unique mini-zoo, in which some species of animals are represented: there is a beautiful lama, a fox, a jackal. A special attention of children is caused by restless monkeys and many other interesting things.

The Park after Gafur Gulyam in Tashkent becomes even more lively and colorful during such holidays as Navruz, New Year and other significant dates. During the whole year creative activities are held in Gafur Gulyam Park: folk festivals, exhibitions of folk traditions and customs, costumes, folk art.

Good clean air is in the park. In the morning you can hear birds singing. And watching the sun rise, everyone's soul rejoices. Often one can meet in Gafur Gulyam Recreation Park a group of elderly people running along the alleys playing tennis, and in summer time swimming in the lake of the park.

Of course, Gafur Gulyam amusement park is one of the best, if not the best in Tashkent. Just being here is a pleasure. The doors of the park open very early. It is convenient for a lot of people who come in the morning for jogging, physical exercise or just a walk. The administration of the park does a lot to maintain the ideal cleanliness and order.

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