Cockfighting in Uzbekistan

Cockfighting in Uzbekistan
Cockfighting in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, there are many national games and amusements that will surely please even the sophisticated bettor. One of such Uzbek game is cockfighting, which is very popular all over the world.

Cockfighting in Uzbekistan is an old fun game that has remained relevant to this day. Cockfight can be considered the most gambling Uzbek fun.

Cockfight is a competition of specially trained roosters, who are set on fighting with each other; a gambling sport in which observers are betting on the victory of one of the roosters. Cockfights in Uzbekistan in many ways are like boxing fights and consist of short rounds, which can continue until the owners agree on the result of a draw.

Roosters of a special breed participate in battles, which are specially prepared for dangerous bouts. No wonder that roosters are considered the most cocky and proud birds.

Before the fight, the feathered birds warm up like real professional boxers. The owner of the rooster courts his pet. He massages the wings of a rooster, cleans his beak and arranges a kind of shower for the cock: he takes water into his mouth and sprays the bird, thereby cooling it before another fight. Roosters express their superiority over the enemy with aggressive attacks, inflicting precise blows with their beaks. Sometimes one, three or four pairs of roosters are released on an improvised ring. The cockfight lasts an average of several minutes.

It is worth noting that in modern times the judges do not allow a fatal outcome, and the victory is awarded to the most active rooster.

"Dakan" - Uzbek fighting cocks

The time of the creation of the breed and the original form is unknown. On the territory of Uzbekistan, fighting cocks "kulangi" were bred from deep antiquity. In the Fergana Valley they are known as "dakan". The selection of roosters was carried out by aggressiveness, massiveness of the body, the strength of the constitution with poor feeding.

Kulangi is a large fighting bird with a small head, slightly flat from the sides, with developed superciliary arches, almost without a crest. Its beak is short, curved and strong; its lobes are small and pink; the gills are mild, red or absent. The neck is long, muscular; the wings fit snugly to the body; the legs are long, strong and widely spaced with long tarsus.

The temperament of such kind of Uzbek dakan cock is lively and aggressive. These dakan roosters are easy to train; fighting qualities are developed. The cock is adapted to the hot climate.

These Uzbek cockfights are spectacular and popular, they are loved by both residents of Uzbekistan and numerous tourists. It's possible to watch the fights of roosters in Uzbekistan while traveling around Uzbek cities. Peopletravel agency is eager to arrange for you such kind of catching tour in Uzbekistan!

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